LabTAG: Providing Solutions for Global Thinkers

As an industry leader for nearly two decades, LabTAG offers comprehensive laboratory label solutions for the academic, government, and business sectors.

With industry-leading expertise in these niche-areas, LabTAG specializes in custom laboratory label manufacturing and clinical trial labeling solutions, including cryogenic (cryo), autoclave, syringe, and chemical-resistant labels, as well as sample tracking using barcode or RFID labels. We also supply printing kits and cryo markers.

Ease the Discovery Process

LabTAG’s laboratory label and printing solution experience eases the discovery process and enables its partners to:

  • Access a unique and highly specialized team of experts
  • Experience unparalleled industry capacity to execute specific project needs with precision

A partnership with LabTAG is much more than just accessing laboratory labels; it’s about building a trusted alliance with an industry-leading team of scientists, in-house R&D specialists, and experienced service technicians.

Our advanced data-collection methods, preservation technologies, and commitment to continuous development allow our specialized team to quickly and effectively find labeling solutions and to address challenges promptly, ensuring our partners can continually focus on advancing scientific discoveries and new healthcare technologies.

Laboratory label solutions to suit your needs

LabTAG’s comprehensive label solutions are fully customizable to satisfy any configuration needs, including label size, shape, color, and configuration.

We are committed to providing laboratory label solutions that withstand any number of challenging environments, including extreme cold, heat, water, chemicals, and mechanical damage.

Flexible and efficient:

With a firm commitment to flexibility and efficiency, LabTAG maintains a “no minimum requirement” policy. Be assured that we will process your small-scale orders while having the capacity to effectively respond to your large-scale needs.

Whether shipped locally, nationally or globally, LabTAG is an unbeatable resource for your unique laboratory label and printing kit needs.