Labels for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces

  • Adhere to hard-to-stick surfaces, such as Teflon, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Perfluoroalkoxy (PFA), Parchment paper, and paraffin wax
  • Available in various sizes and configurations for added functionality
  • Compatible with all common thermal-transfer barcode printers

Xylene-Resistant Labels for Paraffin Wax Blocks

Chemical-resistant labels for hard-to-stick surfaces, including Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) tissue cassettes in histology labs. When printed with a XAR-class solvent-resistant ribbon, the printout obtained will resist exposure to various histological chemicals and solvents, such as xylene, toluene, alcohols, as well as other organic solvents. These labels for paraffin wax blocks will also withstand a wide range of temperatures, suitable for labeling recently cooled blocks.

Temperature range -55°C to +70°C (-67°F to +158°F)


Metal-Detectable Thermal-Transfer Labels for Paraffin Wax Blocks

Incorporating a unique metallic layer, these labels for hard-to-stick surfaces can be detected using a hand-held metal detector. Perfect for identifying paraffin-embedded cassettes, these metal-detectable labels help reduce the chance of accidental loss of wax blocks and other valuable samples when used in conjunction with an appropriate lab waste screening program. They also offer excellent chemical and solvent resistance, ensuring printed text remains legible and barcodes scannable.

Temperature range -20°C to +120°C (-4°F to +248°F)

Patent Pending

Xylene-Resistant RFID Labels for Paraffin Wax Blocks

Chemical-resistant RFID labels incorporate an encodable RFID inlay for improved cassette management and enhanced tracking. Specifically designed to integrate with specimen management systems to boost sample traceability, these RFID labels for hard-to-stick surfaces can also be used to identify labware, containers, tubing, and medical devices for improved tracking in LIMS or hospital systems. Can be printed with 1D/2D barcodes for added traceability. Customizable upon request.

Temperature range -55°C to +70°C (-67°F to +158°F)


Paper Labels for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces

Thermal-transfer printable paper labels for hard-to-stick surfaces. Their strong permanent adhesive ensures these general use labels will firmly adhere to various hard to label surfaces, including paraffin blocks, Teflon, and a variety of siliconized substrates. Can be printed with serialized information, variable data, as well as 1D or 2D barcodes.

Temperature range: Ambient

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