Cryogenic Laser Labels for Frozen Vials and Containers – 1.26″ x 0.87″ #LCS-9

Brand: CryoSTUCK®
Class: LCS

€68.60 eur


CryoSTUCK® – Cryogenic Laser Labels for Frozen Vials and Containers


  • Ideal for identifying temperature sensitive samples, no thawing of container or cure time required
  • Perfect for long-term storage in cryogenic conditions (-196°C) and ultra-low temperature freezers (no overlap nor extra lamination needed)
  • Quick template set-up, and printable with office and desktop laser printers (will not jam printers)

These cryogenic labels are designed to be applied directly, and will rapidly adhere, to frozen cryo vials, tubes, cryo boxes, as well as plastic and cardboard freezer boxes, which are difficult to label under deep-freeze conditions (as low as -80°C/-112°F). Designed for long-term preservation in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), -80°C (-112°F) freezers, for dry ice transportation, and can withstand temperatures up to +100°C (212°F)*.
Printable with all common brands of laser printers to obtain a sharp, smudge-proof printout that is also resistant to mild laboratory chemicals (spray and swab). They can be applied on frozen vials and tubes without the need of an overlap and can also be written on with our Cryo-Markers.
*These labels have been tested to withstand up to 2 hours of 150°C/302°F dry heat. Some softening of the adhesive is observed, which is restored when the label is returned to ambient conditions.


Size:   1.26″ x 0.87"
(32 mm x 22.1 mm)

Sheets / Pack:   16

Labels / Sheet:   72

Sheet Size:   US Letter

Temperature Range:   -196°C to +100°C
(-320.8°F to 212°F)

Min. Application Temperature:   -80°C

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Laser

Features:   Frozen Vials

Resistances:   Cryogenic (-196°C), Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   LCS

Brand:   CryoSTUCK®

Color(s):   Blue, Green Apple, Orange, White, Yellow


5 out of 5
Ontario, Canada ca
Good quality on these labels
5 out of 5
California, United States us
Great quality product, and incredibly useful!
4 out of 5
Nova Scotia, Canada ca
A common purchase of ours
Pedro Caceres
5 out of 5
California, United States us
Received as advertised
Maisoon Al-Majidi
5 out of 5
Stockholm, Sweden se
I use it, it is good.
Simeon Simeonov
5 out of 5
Sofia-Capital, Bulgaria bg
High quality professional labeling solution.
5 out of 5
British Columbia, Canada ca
No user complaints.
Judith Polte
4 out of 5
North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany de
The labels on some sheets had wrinkles
Jessica Welton
5 out of 5
Ontario, Canada ca
Great quality and easy to use with the templates provided on their site. I would highly recommend.
5 out of 5
New York, United States us
It works labeling frozen tubes already in the -20/-80
5 out of 5
British Columbia, Canada ca
Work well, print well, stay on

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Laser CryoSTUCK® labels are available in sheet format, for printing with desktop laser printers. For our thermal CryoSTUCK options, that will require a ribbon, click here.

Yes, CryoSTUCK labels have been especially designed for the purpose of labeling already frozen vials and tubes. These cryogenic labels can be applied at -80°C/-112°F, eliminating the need to thaw valuable samples.

Yes, CryoSTUCK labels can be used to label samples prior to storing them in low-temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks.

No, CryoSTUCK labels are coated with an extra-permanent adhesive, that is not made for easy removal. For removable cryogenic solutions see here.

Please consult our handy sizing guide where you will find recommendations for the most common vial/tube sizes.

We provide free online MS Word templates for all our laser labels. See our label templates page to find your appropriate format and download the template associated with your labels.

No, we don’t recommend our laser CryoSTUCK for this purpose. Our blackout CryoSTUCK labels will conceal pre-existing labels, while our clear CryoSTUCK labels can be applied over an existing label, acting as a laminate to reinforce the label.

To ensure proper application of these labels, wipe the surface of the vial/tube with a clean lint-free disposable wipe (e.g: KimWipe™) prior to affixing the label to remove excess frost. Apply the edge of the label first and press firmly to anchor it, while avoiding excessive contact with the adhesive.  Then press the label securely into position along the vials’ entire circumference. Our laser format CryoSTUCK® labels do not require an overlap to produce a secure adhesion to frozen vials and tubes.

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