NitroTAG®—Cryogenic Barcode Labels

  • Endures long-term preservation in liquid nitrogen (-196˚C) and laboratory freezers (-80˚C).
  • Adheres to wet surfaces.
  • Apply and immerse in liquid nitrogen without delay – no cure time!
  • Withstands transportation in dry ice, sterilization by gamma irradiation, and multiple freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Perfect for tubes, vials, boxes, plates, plastic bags and more.
  • Works with all major brands of thermal-transfer printers.


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Cryogenic labels suitable specifically for small diameter cryotubes & cryovials, cardboard freezer boxes, polypropylene cryo/freezer boxes, cell culture plates, plastic bags and other containers for storage in liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196ºC), liquid helium (-269ºC) and laboratory freezers (-120ºC, -80ºC, -20ºC).

NitroTAG® labels are made from strong thermoplastic film coated with an extra-permanent cryo adhesive (CryoMAX™), can be immersed in liquid nitrogen immediately after applying to item, and do not require the use of additional tape or wrap-around.

Labels are supplied in roll format on 1” and 3” cores and are compatible with all major brands of thermal-transfer barcode printers such as Zebra, Datamax O’Neil, Sato, CAB, Intermec, Monarch/Paxar, CognitiveTPG, Printronix, Brady (selected models) and more.

Waterproof, weatherproof and durable, NitroTAG® products adhere to wet and moist surfaces, and withstand a range of extreme temperatures including multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and transportation on dry-ice. Grease-proof, they can also be used for outdoor applications such as labeling plants, flowers, gas and oil production equipment, and more.

Resistant to spraying with ethanol, isopropanol and other alcohols, bleach, DMSO, detergents and other chemicals (testing recommended). Label printouts are also resistant to alcohol and mild solvents when printed with our RR-Class ribbons. Resistant to continuous wiping and rubbing with surface sanitizing wipes such as Sani- Wipe™, Eco-Wipe™ and Eco-Wipe™ Duo.

The labels are resistant to standard ethylene oxide gas sterilization, consisting of a 60-minute exposure to 759mg/L of ethylene oxide gas, at 55oC, and 40-80% relative humidity, followed by a two-hour aeration cycle.

FDA Compliance:   FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact

RoHS compliant

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