Complete Labeling Solutions for ART & IVF Facilities

LabTAG® is an industry-trusted manufacturer and provider of innovative IVF labeling solutions. We understand the strict specifications and quality of care needed in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) clinics and labs.

LabTAG® has the experience and specific labeling solutions to meet all your IVF identification needs. Our low-VOC labels integrate with Electronic Witnessing Systems (EWS) for secure cryo-preservation and processing of sperm, oocytes and embryos.

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Cryogenic Labels for Vitrification Devices

  • StrawTAG labels are compatible with all standard and high-security straws, as well as vitrification devices like Cryotop®, and CryoLock®
  • These cryo straw labels are designed to withstand long-term cryo preservation inside liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), and transport on dry ice
  • The cryo IVF straw labels withstand freezing and the vitrification of sperm, oocytes and embryos for long-term storage
  • Available in different colors and configurations, to fit 0.25- and 0.5-ml straws

Labeling of Tubes and Vials

We’ve perfected the art of cryogenic vial labeling for over 20 years. With the largest catalog of cryogenic labels in the world, we are capable of matching your systems’ specifications for labeling. We provide multiple sizes, colors and configurations that are compatible with all major thermal-transfer printer brands. A number of cryo label families are available, each with their unique properties.

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Labeling IVF Culture Plates & Dishes

Labeling both the bottom and side of plates is recommended for best results, as you can rest assured that the label will be affixed to the correct sample at all times.

Labels for the Sides of Plates

  • Narrow labels made of thermoplastic film are perfect for labeling the sides of plates
  • These labels are made to resist various laboratory environments, including incubators (110°C/230°F)
  • Plates with barcode can be easily scanned while in the incubator without extra manipulation

Labels for the Bottoms of Plates

  • Transparent labels, with mirror-image printed (horizontally flipped) text and barcode, are easily read and scanned through the plate when applied to the underside
  • Quickly read and scan while your culture plate is still on the work area
  • Clear cryo labels are perfect for various laboratory conditions including incubators (-196°C to +100°C)

Labels for Cryo Canes, Metal Racks and Canisters

  • Designed specifically to stick to metal surfaces like metal racks, aluminum cryo canes, and steel canisters, to be stored in cryogenic conditions, such as liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F)
  • Creates a snapshot of the contents of your containers, eliminating the need to take containers out of storage
  • Compatible with all common thermal-transfer printer brands
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Patient Record and Datasheet Labels

We provide a wide range of paper labels, for barcode thermal-transfer printers. These labels can be printed with a crisp, clear printout, to ensure the scannability of your barcodes. The general use labels are also available in colors, for office use, patient records and requisition forms.

Additional Solutions

Equip your lab with a complete IVF printing solution and ensure your PCR reactions are clearly identified. LabTAG offers printers, scanners, and ready-made printing kits for the IVF field, or you can build your own IVF printing solution with the help of our scientific experts. We also offer a variety of PCR labels and tags for identifying PCR tubes, strips, and plates.

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