Cryogenic Labels (-196°C)

LabTAG® provides a variety of cryogenic labels, which are designed to withstand extended storage in liquid or vapor phase liquid nitrogen and ultra-low temperature freezers, for use in medical research, clinical laboratories, fertility clinics, and biobanks. These cryo labels are perfectly suited for labeling a wide variety of containers, including cryo vials and tubes, microplates, PCR tubes, and other commonly used laboratory products.

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, and compatible with both thermal (direct thermal, thermal-transfer) and digital (laser, inkjet) printers, you’re sure to find cryo labels that meet your stringent laboratory requirements. Our cryogenic labels are also offered with a permanent or removable adhesive, as well as special features, such as blackout, tamper-evident, and wrap-around options.

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Cryogenic Labels by Container

Cryo Tubes, Vials, & Boxes

Our cryogenic labels for cryo vials, microtubes (i.e, Eppendorf), cryo boxes, freezer boxes, tube and vial caps, and other cryogenic containers are available for thermal-transfer, direct thermal, laser, and inkjet printers. These cryo labels are designed to withstand long-term storage in liquid or vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), laboratory freezers (-80°C/-112°F), and transportation on dry ice.


Waterproof thermoplastic labels are ideal for use on cell culture plates, microwell plates, 96 and 384-well PCR plates and petri dishes, and are available for thermal-transfer and laser printers, as well as for automated labelers. Easy to manipulate, these labels don’t bend upon removal from the support liner, which facilitates the application of the label to any multi-well plate or petri dish.


Cryogenic and freezer-safe labels designed to quickly and easily identify high-profile 0.2 ml PCR tubes, 8-well PCR tube strips, and PCR plates. These labels are safe for use in any thermocycler and come with a variety of options. This includes labels designed to identify the side or tops of tubes, as well as non-adhesive printable tags (PCR-TagTrax™) that allow for a range of labeling configurations.

Metal Racks & Canes

Cryogenic labels for barcode and laser printers designed for identifying metal racks, x-ray film, aluminum cassettes and vials, film cans, stainless-steel boxes, sleeves, and canes for cryo straws, as well as tools, equipment, and other metal objects. Intended for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), lab freezers, dry ice, freezer chambers, and other harsh cryogenic environments.

Cryo Straws

Cryo-StrawTAG™ low-VOC cryogenic labels have been carefully tested and approved for 0.25 ml and 0.5 ml IVF straws of different configurations. Designed to withstand long-term preservation inside liquid nitrogen Dewars, these cryo IVF straw labels withstand the vitrification process and are also compatible with high-security vitrification straws as well as vitrification devices like Cryotop®.

Cryogenic Labels by Printing Method


Cryogenic barcode labels are waterproof and durable, able to adhere to wet surfaces and withstand a range of extreme temperatures with zero curing time, including multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Ideal for the storage of small diameter cryo tubes & cryo vials, cardboard freezer boxes, and polypropylene cryo boxes transportation on liquid or vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), lab freezers, and dry ice action.

Direct Thermal

Cryogenic waterproof barcode labels are designed to remain intact and avoid cracking when exposed to cryogenic conditions, with a strong affinity for plastic and glass surfaces. These direct thermal labels are well suited for cryo vials, microtubes, microplates, glass tubes, freezer boxes, and plastic bags for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), lab freezers, and transportation on dry ice.


Our laser printable labels identify tubes and cryo vials, microtubes (i.e. Eppendorf), cryo/freezer boxes, cell culture plates, microplates, and other cryogenic containers. These cryogenic laser labels are designed to withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), freezers, and dry ice. They are supplied in letter and A4 sheet formats for printing with all standard desktop laser printers.


Cryogenic and chemical-resistant inkjet labels can be color printed with logos and graphics for cryogenic storage applications. They are perfectly suited for identification of cryo tubes, cryo vials, freezer/cryo boxes, and cell culture plates. Our labels are available in both sheet and roll formats to accommodate standard desktop inkjet printers as well as full-color roll label printers.


DYMO-450 compatible cryo labels, well-suited for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), lab freezers, and dry ice transport. These labels are waterproof, can be immersed in liquid nitrogen directly following application, and can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Available in a variety of sizes, they conform to most surfaces, including microplates, freezer boxes, and other containers.


Our cryogenic labels are intended for use with automated thermal-transfer print-and-apply systems for vials, tubes, and microplates, and are designed to withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), lab freezers, and dry ice transport. Cryo barcode automation labels are completely customizable and can also be provided with enhanced easy-to-peel internal properties for certain automated printers.


LabTAG® cryo color dots are ideal for sticking on textured caps and the side of tubes and cryo vials because of their specially designed adhesive for cold and rough surfaces. Made from durable thermoplastic materials, they are available in sheet and roll format, are easily writable with our smudge-proof cryogenic markers, and designed to withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and lab freezers.

Cryogenic Labels by Feature

Frozen Surface

CryoSTUCK® cryogenic labels stick to frozen cryo vials at -80°C, eliminating the need to thaw samples below -70°C and compromising the viability of the frozen cells. These cryo labels for frozen surfaces can be applied directly to frozen containers and then stored in liquid nitrogen tanks (-196°C) or laboratory freezers with no cure time, for further cryo-preservation.


Our cover-up labels identify frozen containers that cannot be thawed. They are ideal for re-labeling frozen cryo vials and tubes at -80°C when removal of the existing label is not possible. These block-out labels stick to frozen containers freshly removed from liquid nitrogen or freezers, even in the presence of frost, and completely obscure the existing label and any other obsolete information on the container.


Our tamper-evident cryo labels securely seal tubes, cryo vials, freezer boxes, and other cryogenic containers. Once applied to the container, the labels will tear upon any attempt to remove it. Ideal for securely storing and transporting valuable or sensitive biological samples. They withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C), lab freezers, and transportation on dry ice.

SnapPEEL™ Technology 

Consisting of a connected circle-and-rectangle, SnapPEEL technology allows both labels to be peeled in a single motion, allowing for more precise application of small dot labels. The rectangle portion can then be easily snapped off and applied on the side of the vial. SnapPEEL technology makes identifying cryo vials and microtubes quick and easy. It can be added to any of our labels upon request.


Our specialty ‘Piggyback’ cryo labels have a label-on-label multi-layer design, providing a versatile identification method for different containers and surfaces. They are composed of one or more smaller labels nestled within a larger adhesive label. This allows multiple related labels to be printed at once and placed in one location until the labels within are needed to identify subsequent items.


Our wrap-around cryogenic labels secure identify samples in cryogenic storage. These self-laminating cryo labels are perfect for the identification and long-term storage of microtubes and cryo vials in lab freezers and liquid nitrogen (-196°C). The clear laminate provides additional protection against elevated temperatures, exposure to chemicals, as well as abrasion and physical damage.


Our transparent cryogenic thermoplastic labels are compatible with laser and thermal-transfer printers and are ideal for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen and harsh deep-freeze environments used in biomedical research and clinical laboratories. These clear cryo labels can serve a wide range of applications, including labeling already frozen surfaces as well as samples and containers for autoclave sterilization.

SimPEEL™ Technology 

Our patent pending SimPEELTM technology makes peeling labels off their liner quick and easy with its innovative adhesive-free tab that ensures the label will not stick to your hands or gloves. Available for our thermal-transfer and direct thermal cryogenic labels, SimPEEL can be added to any of our cryogenic labels, providing added functionality.


Our cryogenic line of RFID labels have a flexible UHF inlay and strong permanent adhesive, ideal for identifying vials and tubes stored in liquid nitrogen with printed visible data (text, graphics, barcodes) and electronic encoding. Scannable even while immersed in liquid nitrogen, these labels can be read without the need to be in direct line-of-sight, eliminating unwanted freeze-thaw cycles.

Cryogenic Labels by Shape

Cryogenic Labels by Adhesive

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