Ultra Removable Lab Tape – 0.7″ x 180′ #TUR-18GG

Class: TUR

$19.50 usd


Ultra Removable Lab Tape

Size: 0.7″ x 180′ / 18mm x 55m
Available Colors: Green Grass

Ultra removable lab tape. Provided in an eye-catching green color, this general use tape will cleanly remove from glass, metal, plastic and wood surfaces as well as walls, without leaving behind any adhesive residue, even if removed after a year. This green removable tape is also UV resistant and writable with our permanent cryo markers.


  • Ultra-removable tape is cleanly removed from most surfaces, even after extended periods of time
  • Ideal for most general use applications, able to adhere to a variety of surfaces
  • Continuous tape format allows you to use as much or little as necessary


Width:   0.7″ (17.8 mm)

Length:   180'

Class:   TUR

Color(s):   Green Grass


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, our removable tape is writable using permanent cryo markers, and can not be printed.

No, this tape is not recommended for cryogenic environments. For cryogenic tape, we suggest our NitroTAPE.

No, the tape comes in a vibrant green color. For additional color options, contact our technical support team.

Yes, this tape is coated with a glove-friendly adhesive, made for easy removal.

Yes, our TUR-class tape has an ultra-removable adhesive, that ensures the tape can be removed without leaving behind any adhesive residue, even after a year.

No, this tape is not supplied on a liner, for a removable tape on a liner for residue-free removal, we suggest our TRM-class tape.

Yes, TUR-class tape can be cut manually, in addition to using a tape dispenser, to cut the required length of tape.

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