Video of the Week: XyliTUFF™ – Xylene-Resistant Microscope Slide Labels for Histology

XyliTUFF™, xylene and chemical-resistant labels are designed to fit microscope slides, bottles, slide boxes, and other containers exposed to harsh solvents. Thermal-transfer barcode printable with our class of xylene-resistant resin ribbons, the labels and their printout withstand incidental contact, as well as short and long-term immersion in xylene, toluene, ethanol, isopropanol, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), acetone, formalin, histological stains, as well as the new generation of safer, clearing and deparaffinizing xylene substitutes such as EZ Prep, Clearify™, Histo-Clear™, Formula 83™️, Pro-Par and others. Perfect for use in histology, pathology and chemistry labs.

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