Lab Tapes

LabTAG® offers a range of cryogenic, freezer, autoclave, and general-use tapes for identifying samples, equipment, and materials in the lab. This includes specialty tapes for every application, such as CryoSTUCK® tape for labeling already frozen containers, Cryo C-Kur™ tamper-evident tape for added security, and PluroTAPETM, a hand-writable self-laminating tape for identifying regularly inspected equipment. Our durable tapes are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and configurations for ease of use and color coding. We can also offer our tapes with our patented GatorCUTTM technology that makes them effortlessly hand-cuttable, without the need for scissors or dispensers.

Cryogenic Lab Tapes

Permanent Cryogenic Tape

Our permanent cryogenic tape is perfect for labeling cryo vials, tubes, and boxes and withstands long-term storage in liquid nitrogen Dewars (-196°C/-321°F), laboratory freezers, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and transport on dry ice. This writable cryo tape is waterproof, won’t peel or crack when exposed to liquid nitrogen, and is available in a variety of colors. Our cryogenic tape is now also available with our patented GatorCUT technology, making it conveniently portable for use whenever and wherever needed.

Cryo Tape For Metal Racks

MetaliTAPE™️ for metal racks can be used to identify stainless-steel and aluminum racks, X-ray cassettes, storage canes, and metal sleeves. Our cryo tape for metal containers withstands storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), transportation on dry ice, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and gamma irradiation. Writable with our permanent cryo markers.

Cryogenic Lamination Tape

Cryo-Laminate™️ is an ultra-thin cryo laminating tape that provides excellent protection against scratching, abrasion, and chemical exposure. Our cryogenic lamination tape has been designed to withstand long-term storage in liquid nitrogen tanks (-196°C/-321°F) and ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F) when applied on cryo vials and tubes.

Frozen Container Tape

Our CryoSTUCK® tape is specifically designed for identifying already frozen plastic containers. Ideal for long-term cryo-preservation in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), low-temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F), and on dry ice, this tape is also available in a clear format and can be easily inscribed with our permanent ink cryogenic markers. This tape is also provided with GatorCUT™ technology to effortlessly hand tear as little or as much as needed without needing tape dispensers or scissors. 

Tamper-Evident Cryo Tape

C-Kur™️ is ideal for sealing cryo containers such as microtubes, cryo vials, cryo/freezer boxes, and cryo cassettes. The continuous tape will tear up upon any attempt to remove it, indicating that the contents have been tampered with. Durable and waterproof, our destructible tape is available in a range of colors for easy identification.

Freezer Tapes

Translucent Freezer Tape

Our translucent freezer-safe tape, provided in various colors, is see-through for the easy identification of the contents of sealed containers. Ideal for long-term storage in ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F) and on dry ice, TransluTAPETM resists exposure to harsh chemicals and reagents, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and other harsh laboratory environments.

Removable Freezer Tapes

Removable tape for deep-freeze applications can be used to identify microtubes, vials, and cryo/freezer boxes. Our freezer-grade tape is intended for short and long-term storage in lab freezers (-80°C) as well as transport on dry ice and withstands multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Its glove-friendly adhesive ensures it can be removed without leaving behind any residue.

Autoclave Tapes

Removable SteriTAPE™ (Patented)

Our removable autoclave-resistant tape is designed to identify reusable containers and instruments that require frequent steam sterilization. The writable tape will adhere to various surfaces, including metal, plastic, and glass, and can be used to label surgical instruments, glassware, trays, blister packs, sterilization bags and pouches, as well as reusable metal sterilization containers. This tape is provided with our unique GatorCUT technology making it conveniently portable; no need for cutting instruments.

Printable Autoclave Tape

Thermal-transfer printable sterilization tape for identifying plastic, glass, and metal containers, such as surgical trays and instruments, double-blister packs, glassware, and GenesisTM containers. Our autoclave-resistant tape withstands sterilization protocols involving steam autoclaves, dry heat ovens, gamma irradiators, and ethylene oxide gas chambers.

Sterilization Indicator Tape

Steam sterilization indicator tape has nearly invisible marking strips that blacken when put through a sterilization cycle. This autoclave tape can be used to confirm whether the labeled material has successfully completed an autoclave cycle. Compatible with both steam autoclaves and dry heat ovens, this continuous tape is writable with permanent markers.

General Purpose Lab Tapes

Color Lab Tapes

Color Lab-TAPETM by LabTAG® is ideal for all general-use laboratory applications and adheres to cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal surfaces. Available in an assortment of vibrant colors and in a range of sizes, this color tape is perfect for color coding material, including lab books and pipettes. It can be inscribed with permanent markers or ball point pens.

Glow-In-The-Dark Tape

Green phosphorescent glow in the dark tape is provided in a continuous roll for easy mounting and use with tape dispensers. Coated with a permanent adhesive that sticks to most surfaces, it’s ideal for identifying objects and surfaces that need to be clearly visible, even in dark spaces, and can enhance the safety of your workplace by indicating exits in case of power outage.

Ultra-Removable Tape

Ultra-removable laboratory tape is ideal for glass, metal, cardboard, plastic, and wood surfaces. This general-use lab tape can be cleanly removed without leaving behind any adhesive or label residue, even if removed after a year. Our vibrant green, glove-friendly tape is writable using permanent ink markers and withstands exposure to UV light.

Specialty Tapes and Dispensers

UbiCling™ (Patent Pending)

These specialty tapes can affix to a variety of smooth, untextured surfaces with static cling-like properties. Designed with GatorCUT™️ technology, it can effortlessly be hand-torn to the desired length. It can also be easily repositioned on flat and gently curved surfaces without leaving any residue upon removal, making them perfect for temporarily labeling delicate surfaces. This writable static-cling tape is also available in a clear format for a printed-on look.

PluroTAPE™ (Patent Pending)

Our perforated self-laminating tape can produce on-demand laminated labels. This durable hand writable tape is perfect for identifying equipment and material that is periodically serviced or calibrated in the lab. Once the laminate has been properly applied, the labels/tags are waterproof and resistant to wear-and-tear, harsh chemicals and environments, and a range of temperatures.

CryoHUG™ (Patented)

Our adhesive-free inert elastic tape permanently adheres to itself, making it ideal for wrapping and sealing vials, bottles, cryo/freezer boxes, and microplates. Alcohol-resistant, it allows containers to be sprayed with alcohol or other disinfecting solutions prior to wrapping with CryoHUGTM, keeping the containers sterile for extended periods of time and prevent contamination.

Tape Dispensers

Our tape dispensers are perfectly suited for use with our range of tapes provided with a support liner. Made of durable metal and plastic materials, and with a solid base, they are suitable for various lab environments and can be easily relocated. Our dispensers are designed to efficiently separate the adhesive tape from its liner and to quickly cut the exact length needed.

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