Vaccine Labels

Maintaining a sustainable cold chain is vital to the production and distribution of vaccines. This is especially true for the new generation of mRNA vaccines made to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, which require freezing down to -80°C. The use of cryogenic vaccine information labels is recommended to meet these new requirements.

LabTAG® offers a comprehensive portfolio of vaccine label options to address the labeling needs of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as the challenges faced by hospitals and clinics. This includes low-temperature vaccine labels, smart labeling solutions, and customizable vaccine syringe labels.

Refrigerated Vaccine Labels

Refrigerated vaccines are optimally stored between +2°C and +8°C (+35°F and +46°F). They can also be transported in insulated containers with ice/gel packs to maintain a stable temperature range. Vaccine refrigerator labels are the best option for identifying vials and syringes used to store and administer these vaccines, as they offer resistance to the low-temperatures and humid conditions encountered during short and long-term storage or transport.

Frozen Vaccine Labels

Frozen vaccines should ideally be kept between -15°C and -50°C (+5°F and -58°F) in a dedicated freezer. Transport should only be done on dry ice to maintain a stable temperature. Preferably, cryogenic vaccine labels should be used to identify these vaccines, as they provide the safest and most reliable option. These vaccine storage labels will not fail, peel, or wrinkle under ultra-low temperature conditions and can be printed with barcodes and variable data for improved tracking.

Syringe Labels

Our flag syringe labels are perfect for identifying syringes used in hospitals and clinics. Important information is visible from all sides without concealing the contents of the syringe. Thermal-transfer printable, these two-sided flag labels can be printed with the vaccine name, dose, user, date/time, as well as 1D or 2D barcodes. Pre-printed, color-coded vaccine syringe labels can also be provided on-demand.

RFID Labels & Smart Labels

RFID vaccine labels allow your vials and syringes to be tracked in real-time, providing an up-to-date picture of your inventory. These RFID tagged vaccination labels also allow information to be updated after labeling, including adding specific country languages or encoding vaccine shelf-life changes. Moreover, recent advancements have allowed these smart labels to help monitor temperature and inform staff if any cold chain breaches have occurred.

Custom Labels & Clinical Trial Labels

Vaccine development, testing, as well as handling, and administration can require additional custom labeling solutions. This can include vaccine warning labels, and communication labels advising staff on the safe and proper use of specific vaccines or vaccine labels to identify used or inactivated vaccines. At LabTAG, we provide made-to-order labeling solutions to address your unique vaccine labeling needs.

Need Expert Help?

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