Self-Laminating Perforated Tape – 1.5″ x 65.6′ #TCLP-38

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Brand: PluroTAPE™
Class: TCLP

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PluroTAPE™ – Self-Laminating Perforated Tape (Patent Pending)


  • The lamination protects the tape from wear-and-tear, chemical exposure, abrasion, gamma irradiation, and more
  • Produces on-demand laminated labels and tags
  • Smudge-proof writable, continuous perforated design allows you to use as much or little as necessary

PluroTAPE™, hand writable, calibration and maintenance, self-laminating perforated tape. For producing on-demand, laminated labels, this durable write-on tape allows you to securely identify inspected tools and equipment, ideally suited for all industries and fields that require clear identification and tracking of instruments and machines serviced or inspected. The continuous perforated design allows selecting the size of label/tag desired.
Able to be folded-over onto itself, the laminated tape can also be made into a double-sided tag. Once the laminate has been properly applied, the labels/tags are waterproof, resistant to wear-and-tear and weatherproof, able to resist harsh chemicals, wide temperature ranges, and even UV and gamma irradiation. Writable with permanent markers as well as ballpoint pens.


Width:   1.5″ (38.1 mm)

Length:   65.6′

Temperature Range:   -40°C to +93°C
(-40°F to 199.4°F)

Features:   Self-Laminating

Resistances:   Gamma Irradiation, Xylene & Chemicals

Class:   TCLP

Brand:   PluroTAPE™

Color(s):   Green Apple, Red, White, Yellow


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5 out of 5
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Frequently Asked Questions

No, PluroTAPE is hand-writable, and can not be printed. For self-laminating printable labeling solutions,  we suggest Print-N-Shield.

No, PluroTAPE will only withstand temperatures as low as -40°C, and is not suited for storage in low-temperature freezers, or cryogenic conditions. For cryogenic tape, we recommend NitroTAPE™.

No, PluroTAPE can withstand temperatures as high as +93°C. For autoclave-resistant tape that will resist elevated temperatures, we recommend our TAUT-class tape.

Yes, once the laminate has been properly applied, the tape is waterproof, resistant abrasion and scratching, and is able to resist harsh chemicals.

Yes, we offer our PluroTAPE in a variety of colors.

No, PluroTAPE is coated with a permanent adhesive, that is not made for easy removal. For removable self-laminating solutions, see here.

Yes, PluroTAPE can be inscribed using ballpoint pens, as well as permanent markers, such as our Science-Marker™.

Yes, PluroTAPE can be cut manually, perfect for creating on-demand laminated labels and tags. This tape can be carried with you at all times, without worrying about have a cutting tool.

Yes, as much or as little of the tape can be used to make a laminated label, this includes using a strip as one long label.

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