Thermal-Transfer Histology Cassette Identification Kit for Zebra Printers #HCK-CT

Brand: HistoBAR™

$266.50 usd


Thermal-Transfer Histology Cassette Identification Kit for Cognitive Printers

Kit includes:

Histology Cassettes (Patented): Two packs of 400 cassettes, including HBC-1-0.4WH, HBC-1-0.4YE, HBC-1-0.4LA, or HBC-1-0.4PI

Labels (Patent Pending): One roll of our xylene and chemical-resistant FTT-565SBC1-1WH labels

Ribbon: One roll of our solvent-resistant XAR-class ink ribbon #XAR50X74C0.5-1JC2, compatible with Cognitive TPG CXT2 printers.

This kit is a practical all-in-one solution for identifying histology cassettes intended for labs and medical facilities engaged in tissue sample processing and histopathology. This kit is specially designed to streamline and simplify specimen handling and labeling, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and organization in histology workflows.

This kit contains our exclusive chemical-resistant HistoBAR™ histology cassettes with a unique label-locking design suitable for use in routine formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) procedures. This kit also includes thermal-transfer printable solvent and chemical-resistant labels, specially designed for identifying HistoBAR histology cassettes, as well as a XAR-class ink ribbon. An economical alternative to dedicated on-cassette printers, it is an accurate and ergonomic substitute for handwriting on cassettes, significantly increasing the efficiency and security of specimen information.


  • Allows for efficient and accurate organization of tissue samples
  • Ensure consistent and legible documentation of specimen information
  • Durable solvent-resistant materials help protect valuable tissue samples



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Frequently Asked Questions

This kit includes two packs of HistoBAR cassettes, 1 roll xylene and chemical resistant thermal-transfer labels, and 1 roll of XAR-class of ink ribbon that is compatible with the Cognitive printers.

The integral frame of the lid secures the contour of the attached label in place, ensuring it is firmly attached during formalin, alcohol, xylene, and hot paraffin procedures. Once the lid is removed and the sample embedded, the label remains tightly affixed, and the printout fully legible.

Yes, our histology cassette is designed to work with most standard molds, storage, and cassette processing equipment.

Yes, our histology cassette and associated labels can be used in various histological protocols, such as tissue fixing and embedding in hot paraffin wax.

Yes, we offer our histology cassettes in a selection of various colors.

Apply the adhesive side of the printed label precisely onto the slanted portion of the cassette, with the notches of the label aligned with the indented area. Press the label in place. Position the cassette lid over the specimen and label, then click the lid frame into place. The cassette is now ready for FFPE procedures.

Barcoding or label design software can be used to create templates that conform to your label’s size. You can then insert design elements within the template for easy printing.

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