Self-Laminating Thermal-Transfer Labels for Microscope Slides – 0.88″ x 0.97″ #AFT-1

Class: AFT

€77.30 eur


HistoLAM™ – Self-Laminating Thermal-Transfer Labels for Microscope Slides


  • Secure sample identification throughout the entire slide processing and staining protocol
  • Excellent stain repelling properties and thorough distribution of reagents during automated processing
  • Convenient and quick integration into existing label printing systems for maximized productivity and efficiency

Xylene-resistant, thermal-transfer labels specially designed for slide identification in fully automated, multi-slide, immunohistochemistry (IHC), and special stainers and processors.
Resistant to routinely used slide/tissue processing and immunohistochemical staining harsh chemicals such as Xylene, ethanol, formalin, acetic acid, as well as eosin, hematoxylin, and special (counter) stains. Specially designed with an over-laminating flap, these labels can also withstand long-term exposure and immersion in safer clearing and deparaffinizing Xylene substitutes such as EZ Prep, Clearify, Histo-Clear, Formula 83, Pro-Par, and others. Resistant to high-temperature, acidic/basic buffers used during the antigen retrieval process in immunohistochemistry protocols.
Capable of integrating with laboratory information systems (LIS) and management systems (LIMS), as well as slide processors’ specific label printers. They are ideal for safe, accurate, and permanent identification of microscope slides with patient/sample information as well as crisp 1-dimensional (1D) and 2-dimensional (2D) barcodes. Once laminated, the printout is smudge-proof and also resistant to long-term immersion in harsh chemicals, solvents, and stains.


Size:   0.88″ x 0.97"
(22.4 mm x 24.6 mm)

Labels/Roll:   500 (1″ core), 1000 (3″ core)

Perforated:   Yes

Temperature Range:   -80°C to +120°C
(-112°F to 248°F)

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Thermal-Transfer

Resistances:   Deep-Freeze (-80°C), Xylene & Chemicals

Recommended Ink Ribbons:   RR-Class

Class:   AFT

Brand:   HistoLAM™️

Color(s):   White


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AFT-class labels are thermal-transfer printable and require a ribbon to be printed. To achieve the proper printout, these labels require an RR-class ink ribbon of the same width or larger.



Yes, AFT-class labels do not acquire colors from histological stains such as hematoxylin or eosin Y.

Yes, AFT-class labels are provided with a laminate and strong chemical-resistant adhesive that allow them to resist high-temperatures and acidic/basic buffers.

Yes, our AFT-class labels are compatible with fully and semi-automated stainers and processors. For more information consult our technical support team.

No, AFT-class labels are not offered in color. For color chemical-resistant labels see here.

No, these labels are coated with a permanent chemical-resistant adhesive, that is not made for easy removal. For removable solutions click here.

No, while the label does include a transparent flap, the printable portion of the label is not. For transparent xylene and chemical-resistant labels for microscope slides we recommend our XyliTRANS labels.

Barcoding or label design software can be used to create templates that conform to the size of your label. You can then insert design elements within the template, for easy printing.

Yes, we can provide our chemical-resistant labels preprinted with full-color graphics and logos, as well as variable or serialized information from a database. Learn more about our custom printing options.

Yes, we offer labels that are fully compliant with Hologic systems, and are the preferred label supplier source for ThinPrep® slides, ThinPrep® vials, and Aptima® tubes. Please contact our support team or visit our Hologic page.

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