Micro-Tip Water-Resistant Cryogenic Marker#F-1B-6 (Pack of 6)

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0 mm

Shipping Weight

0.15 lbs

0.068 kg

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

0.625 × 4 × 6.625 in

15.9 x 101.6 x 168.3 mm


Cryo-Marker™- Cryogenic Water-Resistant Permanent Marker

Available colors: Black

Our micro-tip cryo marker is perfect for marking small containers with a limited writing surface at room temperature before storing them in deep-freeze or cryogenic conditions. The permanent ink is water-resistant when dry, easy to handle, and has a fine tip that produces sharp, crisp lines that are clean and precise every time. Writing will not flake off or smudge from marked surfaces exposed to liquid nitrogen (-196°C) or deep freeze (-80°C) storage conditions. It can be used on plastic, glass, metal, and cloth surfaces, perfect for marking small micro-centrifuge and PCR tubes, labels, beakers, glass plates, X-ray, and photographic films. Sold in packs of 6


  • High-quality permanent ink micro-tip marker: Ultra-Fine line 0.25 mm
  • Water-resistant, suitable for storage in cryogenic conditions
  • Excellent performance in areas where detailed writing is required
  • Compatible with Lab-TAG™ labels from GA International Inc.

*Price is for pack of 6 permanent markers

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Cryo-Marker™ micro tip markers can withstand ultra-low temperatures and are well suited to identifying labels for long-term storage in lab freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks.

Yes, these markers are compatible with our Lab-Tag labels, as well as most of our large inventory of label solutions.

Yes, our Cryo-Markers are water-resistant, and will not fade or smudge from water exposure.

No, cryogenic marker ink can be removed using alcohols. For alcohol resistant permanent markers, we suggest our Science-Marker.

No, these markers come in black. For further color options, contact our technical support team.

Yes, we offer cryo markers in Big Tip and Dual Point (fine and extra-fine) formats.


Bret A.
5 out of 5
United States us
love the fine tip and the ability to write small on small cryo storage devices
Daniel Linseman
5 out of 5
Colorado, United States us
These don’t smudge at all - work great for small labels!
4 out of 5
California, United States us
delivered on time
5 out of 5
United States us
Writes fine.

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