Dual Point Cryogenic Water-Resistant Marker#MP-1 (Pack of 6)

$22.80 usd



Cryo-Marker™ – Cryogenic Waterproof Permanent Marker

This high-quality, dual point cryogenic marker has a fine tip, as well as an extra-fine tip, perfect for marking small containers. Its durable, long-lasting nibs can withstand rough treatment and provide a delicate touch on various surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, cloth, and even Teflon. Permanent and waterproof when dry, our cryo markers can be used to identify containers directly or used on writable LabTAG label products at room temperature before storing them in liquid nitrogen (-196°C) or deep freeze (-80°C) storage conditions. Sold in packs of 6


  • Extra-Fine (0.3 mm) and fine (0.7 mm) tips – 2 pens in 1
  • Excellent performance on plastic, glass, metal, cloth & Teflon surfaces
  • Easy to handle for applications in bio-medical laboratories
  • Compatible with Lab-Tag™ labels from GA International Inc.

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Brown, Yellow

Frequently asked questions

Yes, Cryo-Marker™ micro tip markers can withstand ultra-low temperatures and are well suited to identifying labels for long-term storage in lab freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks.

Yes, these markers are compatible with our Lab-Tag labels, as well as most of our large inventory of label solutions.

Yes, our Cryo-Markers are water-resistant, and will not fade or smudge from water exposure.

No, cryogenic marker ink can be removed using alcohols. For alcohol resistant permanent markers, we suggest our Science-Marker.

Yes, we offer our dual point Cryo-Marker in a variety of colors.

Yes, we offer cryo markers in Big Tip and Micro-Tip formats.


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Best quality
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very good writing pens

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