PikaTAG® – Applicator Tip Refills (Patent Pending) #PIKTIP-2-1

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PikaTAG® – Applicator Tip Refills (Patent Pending)

Applicators Tips refills/sheet: 48

Sheet/pack: 1

Sheet format: 4″ x 6″ sheet format

Perforation: Yes

GA International offers refill packs for its innovative label applicator, the PikaTAG®. Environmentally conscious, these refill sheets allow you to re-use your PikaTAG®, replacing only the applicator’s tip. These 4” x 6” refill sheets come with 48 replacement tips, allowing you to pick-and-apply up to an additional 5,000 labels per sheet. After removing the used applicator tip, simply peel back the protective cover over the dot, then use the PikaTAG® to pick-up the new tip, and start applying your labels.


  • Reuse the PikaTAG® by only replacing the applicator’s tip
  • Highly efficient and cost-effective solution designed to increase laboratory productivity
  • Eco-friendly design significantly reduces product waste


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