PikaTAG® – Cryogenic Vial Cap Labeling Kit (Patented) #PIKKIT-2C

Brand: PikaTAG®

$165.60 usd


PikaTAG® – Cryogenic Vial Cap Labeling Kit (Patented)

Kit Includes:

• 1 PikaTAG® Applicator, #PIK-2WH
• 1 Refill Sheet (48 tip replacements), #PIKTIP-2-1
• 1 roll of 4,000 cryogenic dot labels, #VCL-61, 0.354″ / 9mm diameter for vial caps (1” or 3” core)
• 1 PikPad™ Application Pad, #PIKPAD-1

Recommended Ribbons for VCL-61 Labels: RR-Class Smudge and Alcohol Proof Resin Ribbons

Recommended Markers for VCL-61 Labels: SM-1 and F-1 water-resistant cryogenic markers.

GA International is proud to present an innovative system specially designed for the application of small labels into indented-cap style cryogenic storage vials commonly used for storage in the vapor phase, and liquid phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C / -321°F). These cryovial caps are difficult to label unless a special insert is used. Our new PikaTAG® tool allows you to quickly pick-up small labels from their liner and easily apply them into the vial caps. With a unique ergonomic design, PikaTAG® is easy to handle and use: simply remove the protective cap, press to pick up one label, then transfer to deposit the label into the indented cap. The slight bend at the end of the rod-shaped tool allows for the precise application of pressure at both stages of the labeling process. PikaTAG® saves you a great amount of precious time via quick and effortless label placement.

Each PikaTAG® kit is comprised of a reusable ergonomic applicator tool, a durable ergonomic application pad, a roll of thermal-transfer printable or hand-writable cryogenic resistant label dots, and a sheet of 48 refill tips that allow for the application of upwards of 100 labels per refill tip. A replaceable cap is provided to protect the refill tips after each use.

For better applicator pick-up performance, place the application pad underneath the labels’ liner/backing.


  • Each kit is enough to label up to 4,000 vial caps
  • Specially designed to securely label indented cryogenic vial caps with hand-written or printed information
  • Quick access to sample information by scanning vials still inside the box
  • Ergonomic design for easy label application regardless of indentation depth
  • Touchless, glove-friendly labeling prevents cross contamination and fiddling with labels
  • Zero risks of cap insert pop-out and information loss
  • Can also label flat cap tubes and vials
  • Cryo labels in the kit can be printed with 2D barcodes and serialized alphanumerical information using common thermal transfer printers
  • Provides an economical alternative to plastic cap inserts
  • Compatible with cryovial removal tool
  • For use with most common cryogenic vials (1.2 to 5ml) including Nunc® #375418, Nalgene® #5000-0020, Corning™#430488, Simport® #T301, T308, T309, T310, and T311, Greiner Cryo.s™, and similar vials



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, PikaTAG® has replaceable tips. We offer refill tip sheets, that make replacing the tips quick and easy.

Each tip can be used to apply, on average, about 100 dot labels, after which is should be replaced, using one of our convenient refill sheets.

Yes, we offer PikaTAG bundles that include refill sheets as well as labels for indented caps.

No, PikaTAG is intended for use with small labels, specifically selected 0.25” to 0.375” small dot labels, as well as 0.236″ x 0.2636″ to 0.31″ x 0.5″ small square labels. Consult the full list of PikaTAG-Compatible Labels for more information.

Yes, PikaTAG is compatible with indented vial caps, and we also offer labels designed for that purpose.

Yes, PikaTAG can be used to identify 0.2 ml, 0.5 ml, 1.5 ml, and 2 ml microtubes and vials, in addition to PCR tubes and PCR tube strips.

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