Translucent Color Freezer Tape – 0.5″ x 180′ / 13mm x 55m #FTP-13

Class: FTP

$13.20 usd


TransluTAPE™ – Translucent Color Freezer Tape


  • Available in a range of colors for easy color coding
  • Withstands long-term storage in deep-freeze conditions, including multiple freeze-thaw cycles
  • The translucent tape can also act as a laminate, protecting against chemical exposure, and autoclaving

Translucent freezer-grade tape, provided in various colors for the identification and sealing of tubes, vials, bottles, boxes, and other containers. Ideal for long-term storage in ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F) and for transportation on dry ice. Ultra-thin, this thermoplastic tape/laminate is see-through for easy identification of the contents of sealed containers. With its eye-catching colors, it is also ideal for color-coding of containers inside laboratory refrigerators and freezers. It can be written on with permanent markers or used as a laminate. Resistant to chemicals and reagents, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and other harsh laboratory environments. The versatile tape can also withstand autoclaving on stainless steel containers (121°C/250°F, 20 minutes). Supplied in continuous roll format on a 3” core to fit most tape dispensers.


Width:   0.5″ (12.7 mm)

Length:   180' (3" core)

Temperature Range:   -80°C to +121°C
(-112°F to 249.8°F)

Resistances:   Autoclave, Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   FTP

Brand:   TransluTAPE™

Color(s):   Blue, Green Grass, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Yellow


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, TransluTAPE™ tape is writable using cryo markers, and can not be printed.

No, TransluTAPE will withstand deep-freeze conditions (-80°C), but are not recommended for cryogenic environments. For cryogenic tape, we suggest our NitroTAPE.

No, TransluTAPE tape is best applied at room temperature. For labeling already frozen containers, we recommend our clear CryoSTUCK® tape, a line of transparent cryogenic tape especially designed for that purpose.

Yes, TransluTAPE can be applied over an existing label while not concealing their printed information. This durable tape can thus add an extra layer of protection for your label.

Yes, we offer our TransluTAPE in a variety of colors.

No, TransluTAPE is coated with a permanent adhesive, that is not made for easy removal.

No, TransluTAPE is not intended to be cut by hand. We suggest using a tape dispenser or scissors to cut the required length of tape. For hand-cuttable clear tape, we suggest our static cling tape, with GatorCUT™ technology.

Yes, our TransluTAPE is available in other widths.

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