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Deep-Freeze Labels


Why Choose CryoRFID

  • 12" omnidirectional read range* ensures easy scanning from all angles.
  • Scan multiple vials, even without a clear line-of-sight.
  • Deep-freeze adhesive is ideal for -80°C freezers.
  • Flexible UHF inlay allows excellent adhesion to vials &
  • Encode up to 32 hexadecimal characters of information.
  • Printed & encoded using thermal transfer printers.

Our CryoRFID   Labels

Sample tracking of frozen biological material can be challenging. Human tissue, DNA and other live material must be held at low temperatures (-80 ̊C) to maintain their integrity. Cryoboxes are frequently removed from cryogenic storage to find a sample. During the process, boxes are left sitting on workbenches while lab technicians are scanning barcodes to locate the desired samples. This time-consuming process induces a rise in temperature and therefore a degradation of the specimens. This problem creates a need to find faster methods of locating samples.

Samples equipped with CryoRFID labels Radio Frequency Identification allows scanning of an entire box of samples in seconds so locating samples is fast. They are ideal for identifying samples in -80 ̊C freezers. Cryogenic RFID labels are not prone to visibility issues as they can be scanned through obstacles such as frost and other vials. They can also be printed with barcodes and human readable data if required. These labels are also compatible with any laboratory software (LIMS and LIS) that accept RFID scanning which makes them a versatile tool to managing your data and samples efficiently.


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