RFID Labels

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is a powerful tool used by hospitals, research facilities, and IVF labs for record keeping, access control, inventory tracking, sample and patient management, and much more. Our RFID labels are outfitted with a small, flexible UHF inlay that allows them to be applied to various surfaces. We can also offer custom RFID labels, with the ability to insert these passive UHF inlays into any of our durable, resistant labels, creating label solutions suited to any environment.

Benefits of RFID Labels

Our labels can be scanned and read in batches simultaneously, from a few inches to a few feet in range and without full visibility/direct line of sight. They can be encoded with far more information than barcodes, and the technology protects your data with encryption and physical shielding. Our labels can be integrated to speed up routine processes such as sample gatekeeping, inventorying, and tracking.  Overall, RFID makes sample monitoring workflows easy and time-saving.

Custom RFID Labeling Solutions

In addition to our available RFID options, which can be custom printed with serialized barcodes and encoded with alphanumerical values, we also offer full customization options to meet specific application needs. From inlay and label size to configuration and material combinations, GA International offers performant specialty labels to produce unique identification and tracking solutions.

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