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For liquid nitrogen storage


Benefits of Cryo Storage Labels

Taking into consideration the usage, storage and varying temperature conditions your label will be exposed to is crucial in selecting the right label for the job. Labels that will undergo short and long-term storage in liquid helium, nitrogen, on dry ice and in ultra-low temperature freezers require a label that can withstand those extreme temperatures without losing adhesion, cracking or fading. GA International has created a wide range of cryogenic labels designed to meet this challenge, as well as a host of special labels that will also allow you to label a variety surfaces, under varying conditions and temperatures.



Cryogenic Labels for Cryo Storage Containers

GA International has a large selection of cryogenic barcode labels ideally suited for cryovials, cryoboxes, microtubes, plates and other cryo containers, able to withstand extreme temperatures, from storage in (-20ºC) cryogenic freezers to liquid helium (-269ºC) Dewars, available in your printing method of choice.

Cryogenic Labels for Frozen Surfaces

Our unique CryoSTUCK® labels can stick to already frozen surfaces, eliminating the need to thaw and potentially compromise your tubes in order to label them. We also offer a line of cover-up frozen vial labels able to completely obscure any existing labels, ideal when removal of the existing label is not possible.

Thermal Transfer

White Labels for Frozen Vials & Tubes

Cover-Up Labels for Frozen Vials & Tubes

Clear Labels for Frozen Vials & Tubes

Cryogenic Labels for Metal Storage

Our MetaliTAG line of cryo labels have been specifically designed to adhere to metal surfaces including stainless steel, and aluminum. These labels are perfect for labeling of metal freezer racks as well as cryo canes for liquid nitrogen dewars.

Thermal Transfer

Labels for Metal Racks

Labels for Cryo Canes

Tags for Metal Racks

Cryogenic & Autoclave Labels

The cryogenic and autoclave labels are designed for a range of applications, performing equally well in liquid nitrogen storage (-196ºC) as in dry-heat sterilization (+150ºC). Available in wrap-around and clear formats, these labels are waterproof, weatherproof, wear & tear proof and resistant to UV and Gamma irradiation.

Thermal Transfer

Wrap-Around Cryo & Autoclave Labels

Clear Cryo & Autoclave Labels


Wrap-Around Cryo & Autoclave Labels

Clear Cryo & Autoclave Labels

Cryogenic Labels with Special Features

GA International also offers a range of unique cryogenic labels, designed with particular applications in mind. We provide cryo barcode labels specifically designed for microtubes, tamper-evident labels to protect the integrity of your samples during long term storage or dry ice transportation, and RFID cryogenic labels for easy identification and tracking of your tubes.

Thermal Transfer

Cryogenic Labels for Conical Bottom Microtubes

Piggyback Cryogenic Labels

Tamper-Evident Cryogenic Labels

RFID Cryogenic Labels


Custom Manufacturing of Cryogenic Labels

We are equipped with cutting-edge technologies to design and manufacture labels of any dimension, shape, color and configuration in sheet, roll and fanfold formats. Our capabilities include die cutting, lamination, varnishing, print back and front, print on adhesive side, piggy-back labels and other techniques. We use flexographic, digital, laser, inkjet and thermal printing methods. Our experienced production team is on stand-by to produce custom-made labels on short notice. Our competitive pricing and short lead-times are unmatched in the industry.

Contact us at 1-800-518-0364 / 1-450-973-9420 or support@ga-international.com


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