Metal-Detectable Thermal-Transfer Labels for Paraffin Wax Blocks – 0.9375″ x 0.9375″ #PFG-67

Brand: ParafiGARD™
Class: PFG

$208.70 usd


ParafiGARD™ – Metal-Detectable Thermal-Transfer Labels for Paraffin Wax Blocks (Patent Pending)

ParafiGARD labels are thermal-transfer printable, with a special permanent adhesive perfect for identifying hard-to-label paraffin wax blocks commonly used in histology applications. Incorporating a unique metallic foil layer, these permanent labels will allow for labeled paraffin blocks to be detected using a metal detector. As such, ParafiGARD labeled blocks reduce the chance of accidental loss of valuable samples when used in conjunction with an appropriate lab waste screening program.

These chemical-resistant labels are printable with text and barcodes using most common thermal-transfer printers and our XAR-class of solvent-resistant ribbons, providing maximum resistance to chemicals and solvents, as well as improved data integrity. Direct labeling of blocks avoids the need to manually insert metal foils in the molten paraffin, significantly increasing work efficiency in addition to sample security, which is vital to clinical and diagnostic laboratories.


  • Trackable with a metal detector and barcode scanners
  • Adhere to hard-to-stick surfaces, including paraffin wax blocks
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and solvents
  • Compatible with most common thermal-transfer printers


Size:   0.9375″ x 0.9375"
(23.8 mm x 23.8 mm)

Labels/Roll:   1000 (1″ core), 1000 (3″ core)

Perforated:   Yes

Temperature Range:   -20°C to +120°C
(-4°F to 248°F)

Adhesive:   Permanent

Recommended Ink Ribbons:   XAR-Class

Class:   PFG

Brand:   ParafiGARD™

Color(s):   White


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, these labels are designed with a strong adhesive, suitable to be affixed onto the wax block portion of paraffin wax-embedded cassettes.

Yes, ParafiGARD labels are designed with a special metal foil layer that allows the label to be detected with a standard hand-held metal detector. When used in conjunction with an appropriate lab waste screening program, this will help greatly reduce the chance of accidental loss of clinical specimens.

Yes, ParafiGARD labels are thermal-transfer printable and require a ribbon to be printed. To achieve the proper printout, these labels require an XAR-class ribbon of the same width or larger.

No, these labels are not recommended for labeling microscope slides. For slide labeling, we suggest our thermal-transfer printable XyliFIL™ and XyliSTUCK™ labels specially designed for that purpose.

Yes, ParafiGARD labels will resist all concentrations of ethanol, isopropanol, and acetone.

Yes, ParafiGARD labels can withstand dry heat conditions up to +120°C.

No, ParafiGARD labels have a permanent chemical-resistant adhesive that is not made for easy removal.

No, ParafiGARD is not offered in color. For color, chemical-resistant labels, see here.

Barcoding or label design software can be used to create templates that conform to the size of your label. You can then insert design elements within the template for easy printing.

Yes, we can provide our chemical-resistant labels preprinted with full-color graphics and logos, as well as variable or serialized information from a database. Learn more about our custom printing options.