Histology Cassette with Label-Locking Feature (Patented) – 1.1″ x 1.60″ x 0.27″ #HBC-1

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Brand: HistoBAR™
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HistoBAR™ – Histology Cassette with Label-Locking Feature (Patented)

HistoBAR cassettes represent an innovation in the secure identification of histology tissue cassettes used in routine formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) procedures. Its unique design ensures that the applied labels* will not detach during the harsh preparation procedures. The special frame design “locks’ the affixed label in place when the lid is closed, ensuring the integrity of the printed information is preserved during formalin fixation, dehydration with alcohols/xylene, and hot paraffin wax embedding. Typically, these procedures adversely affect standard labels during these procedures, however, HistoBAR overcomes these issues when used with our specially designed thermal-transfer printable labels. When printed with solvent-resistant XAR-class ink ribbons, the adhesive labels with HistoBAR cassettes provide a complete identification solution that ensures maximum data security and robust tracking of specimens.

*We provide labels specifically designed to work with these cassettes, see here.


  • Integrated, detachable lid
  • Compatible with standard molds, storage, and processing equipment
  • Replaces tedious hand-writing of cassettes
  • Economical alternative to dedicated on-cassette printers
  • Available in a variety of colors

Sizes: 1.1″ W x 1.60″ L x 0.27″ H

Available colors: White, Yellow, Lavender, Pink

Cassettes/ pack: 400

Temperature range: -20ºC (-4ºF) to +80ºC (+176ºF)



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Frequently Asked Questions

The integral frame of the lid secures the contour of the attached label in place, ensuring it is firmly attached during formalin, alcohol, xylene, and hot paraffin procedures. Once the lid is removed and the sample embedded, the label remains tightly affixed, and the printout fully legible.

Yes, we recommend our cassette labels, specially sized to fit onto the cassettes for maximum compatibility.

Yes, HistoBAR is designed to work with most standard molds, storage, and cassette processing equipment.

Yes, HistoBAR can be used in various histological protocols, such as tissue fixing and embedding in hot paraffin wax.

Yes, the labels will remain attached during and after routine FFPE procedures.

Our cassette labels are compatible with most thermal-transfer printers. We recommend printing the labels with our XAR-class ink ribbons to ensure a chemical-resistant printout throughout the entire FFPE procedure.

Yes, we offer HistoBAR cassettes in a selection of various colors. For additional color options, contact our technical support.

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