Cryogenic Tape – 0.75″ / 19mm Wide #TJTA-19

4.5 out of 5
4.5/5 out of 2 reviews
Brand: NitroTAPE™
Class: TJTA

$29.20 usd


NitroTAPE™ – Cryogenic Tape for Laboratory Use


  • For use in harsh cryogenic conditions
  • Cryogenic permanent adhesive ensures the tape won’t peel or crack when exposed to liquid nitrogen
  • Continuous tape format allows you to use as much or little as necessary

Continuous writable tape for cryogenic use. Water-proof, resistant to liquid nitrogen, dry ice, multiple freeze-thaw cycles, and other harsh laboratory environments. Extra Strong CryoMax™ adhesive. Available in a variety of colors for freezer and liquid nitrogen use (as low as -196°C) on plastic and glass containers.


Width:   0.75″ (19.1 mm)

Length:   50′ (1″ core), 100′ (3″ core)

Temperature Range:   -196°C to +110°C
(-320.8°F to 230°F)

Resistances:   Cryogenic (-196°C), Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   TJTA

Brand:   NitroTAPE™

Color(s):   Blue, Green Apple, Orange, Red, White, Yellow


Karen G.
5 out of 5
Saskatchewan, Canada ca
Love this tape. Way better than standard lab tape.
Kyle Rothermel
4 out of 5
Colorado, United States us
Seals our cryoboxes for delivery to clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, NitroTAPE is writable, and can not be printed. For printable cryogenic labels, we suggest NitroTAG®.

Yes, NitroTAPE can withstand temperatures as low as -196°C, and is well suited to long-term storage in low-temperature freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks.

No, NitroTAPE is best applied at room temperature. For labeling already frozen containers, we recommend CryoSTUCK® tape, a line of cryogenic tapes especially designed for that purpose.

No, NitroTAPE is not intended for identifying metal surfaces. For cryogenic tape that will adhere to metal surfaces, we suggest MeatliTAPE.

Yes, we offer our NitroTAPE in a variety of colors.

No, NitroTAPE is coated with a permanent adhesive, that is not made for easy removal. For removable tape for low-temperature environments, see here.

Yes, our NitroTAPE is supplied on a liner, designed for residue-free removal, and easy peeling.

No, NitroTAPE is not intended to be cut by hand. We suggest using a tape dispenser or scissors to cut the required length of tape.

Yes, we have a selection of tape dispensers, that accommodate tapes of various widths, have a built in liner remover, as well as multiple tapes at once.

Yes, our NitroTAPE is available in other widths.

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