Static Cling Thermal-Transfer Labels – 2.125″ x 1.375″ #GFS-551NOT

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5.0/5 out of 3 reviews
Brand: UbiCling™
Class: GFS

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UbiCling™ – Static Cling Thermal-Transfer Labels

  • Adhere using static cling-like properties, ensuring they will never leave any adhesive residue behind upon removal
  • Ideal for temporary identification or color coding
  • Reusable as they can be repositioned on multiple surfaces
  • Thermal-transfer printable and writable with permanent markers and pens

UbiCling™ labels affix to a variety of smooth, untextured surfaces with static cling-like properties. They can easily be repositioned on flat and gently curved surfaces without leaving any residue behind upon removal, making them perfect for temporarily labeling delicate surfaces. Ideal for identifying most non-frosted glass surfaces such as labware, Pyrex bottles, windows, aquariums, terrariums, and eyeglass lenses. These labels are also well-suited to identifying other smooth surfaces, including bags, coated paper and carton, galvanized, epoxy coated, painted, and stainless steel, laminated wood products, painted drywall, polished, ceramic, porcelain surfaces and tiles, chrome, synthetic, natural, and composite countertops, melamine, silicone, Teflon, epoxy resin, polished carbon fiber and other similar non-porous glossy surfaces. Printable with thermal-transfer printers, they are also writable with permanent markers and ballpoint pens.


Size:   2.125″ x 1.375"
(54 mm x 34.9 mm)

Labels/Roll:   500 (3″ core), 500 (1″ core)

Perforated:   Yes

Media Sensing:   Notch

Temperature Range:   -45°C to +82°C
(-49°F to 179.6°F)

Adhesive:   Static Cling

Printing Methods:   Thermal-Transfer

Recommended Ink Ribbons:   RR

Class:   GFS

Brand:   UbiCling™

Color(s):   Blue, Green Apple, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, White, Yellow


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Great quality
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Great quality, as always
5 out of 5
Michigan, United States us
Good quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, UbiCling™ labels are thermal-transfer printable and require a ribbon to be printed. To achieve the proper printout, these labels require a RR-class ribbon of the same width or larger.

Yes, UbiCling labels are writable using ballpoint pens and permanent markers.

Yes, UbiCling™ will adhere to surfaces using static cling-like properties. This makes them easily removable, and repositionable on multiple surfaces, without ever leaving behind any residue.

Yes, our GFS-class is offered in a range of colors

Yes, we offer a transparent version of UbiCling, in our GFC-class.

Barcoding or label design software can be used to create templates that conform to the size of your label. You can then insert design elements within the template, for easy printing.

Yes, we can provide our GFS-class labels preprinted with full-color graphics and logos, as well as variable or serialized information from a database. Learn more about our custom printing options.

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