Permanent Cryo Laser Labels (A4 Size) – 0.433″ Circle #A4CL-48T1-A2 Assorted

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A4 Size Permanent Cryo-LazrTAG™- Cryogenic Labels for Laser Printers (PATENTED)

Size: 0.433″ / 11mm

Labels/sheet: 330

Labels/pk: 5,280

Sheets/pk: 16

Colors: 8 Assorted (White, Silver, Yellow, Green Apple, Pink, Blue, Orange, Red)

Adhesive: Permanent

Temperature range: From -80°C to +120°C

Cryogenic labels provided in A4 sheet format for printing with desktop laser printers. Coated with a unique cryo adhesive, the thermoplastic waterproof labels are specifically designed to permanently adhere to caps of cryovials, microtubes (i.e. Eppendorf), bottles, falcon tubes as well as other containers that will undergo long-term deep-freeze storage or shipment on dry ice. The cryogenic labels are wear and tear proof; do not jam printers; resistant to UV and Gamma irradiation.


  • Withstand long-term storage in low-temperature freezers (-80°C)
  • Permanent adhesion, ideal for caps of vials and microtubes
  • Provided in A4 sheet format
  • Printable by all major desktop laser printers


*Given the small diameter of these dot labels, they are not recommended for liquid nitrogen storage. For labels of the same size and suitable for storage in vapour phase and liquid phase liquid nitrogen, we recommend: CryoJetTAG™, NitroTAG®, and writable LAB-TAG™.


Shipping Weight

1 lbs

0.454 kg

Special Features Laser Labels
Adhesive Permanent
Brand Name Cryo-LazrTAG™
Printing Method Laser
Sheet Format


Qty Sheet


Sheets Pack




11 mm


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