Permanent Cryo Laser Labels (A4 Size) – 0.433″ Circle #A4CL-48T1-A2 Assorted

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A4 Size Permanent Cryo-LazrTAG™ – Cryogenic Labels for Laser Printers (PATENTED)


  • Provided in European A4 sheet format
  • Permanent adhesion, especially on curved surfaces (vials, microtubes, etc.)
  • Withstand extreme cryogenic temperatures (-196°C in liquid phase and vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen)
  • Printable by all major desktop laser printers

Cryogenic labels provided in A4 sheet format for printing with desktop laser printers. These thermoplastic waterproof labels have a unique cryo adhesive specifically designed to permanently adhere to vials, tubes, freezer boxes, as well as polycarbonate cryo boxes and other containers that will undergo long-term deep-freeze storage or shipment on dry ice. The cryogenic tags are wear and tear proof; do not jam printers; resistant to UV and gamma irradiation.


Size:   0.433″ circle (11 mm)

Labels/Pack:   5280

Sheets / Pack:   16

Labels / Sheet:   330

Rows:   22

Columns:   15

Sheet Size:   A4

Temperature Range:   -80°C to +120°C
(-112°F to 248°F)

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Laser

Resistances:   Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   A4CL

Brand:   Cryo-LazrTAG™

Color(s):   Assorted


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