Direct Thermal Cryo Labels for Frozen Vials and Surfaces – 0.5” circle (Patented) #DTU-53NOT

Brand: CryoSTUCK®
Class: DTU

$82.30 usd


CryoSTUCK® – Direct Thermal Cryo Labels for Frozen Vials and Surfaces (Patented)


  • Quick labeling of frozen vials and tubes (no thawing required)
  • Withstand exposure to solvents, water baths, and condensation
  • Compatible with most common direct thermal printers
  • Convenient to print, no need for ribbons or other ink sources

These solvent-resistant cryogenic direct thermal printable labels can easily attach to already frozen vials, frozen surfaces, and frozen containers (as low as -80°C/-112°F). Labeling samples without having to thaw them first makes these labels an ideal choice for identifying valuable temperature-sensitive samples and specimens. These permanent cryogenic labels are designed to be stable in low temperature environments, including long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), and ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F), as well as dry ice transport.

In addition to their CryoSTUCK® feature, these labels display excellent resistance to routinely used laboratory chemicals like detergents, alcohols (100% ethanol immersion: up to 15 minutes), xylene (immersion: up to 30 minutes), other organic solvents, disinfecting solutions, as well as surface-sanitizing wipes.

These CryoSTUCK labels are ideal for use in research institutes, clinical laboratories, biobanks, biotechnology companies, and other facilities that store samples under low temperature conditions.


Size:   0.5” circle (12.7 mm)

Labels/Roll:   2000 (3″ core), 2000 (1″ core)

Labels Across:   2

Perforated:   Yes

Media Sensing:   Notch

Temperature Range:   -196°C to +70°C
(-320.8°F to 158°F)

Min. Application Temperature:   -80°C

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Direct Thermal

Features:   Frozen Vials

Resistances:   Cryogenic (-196°C), Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   DTU

Brand:   CryoSTUCK®

Color(s):   White


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Frequently Asked Questions

These heat-resistant labels are compatible with most common direct thermal printers.

No, these direct thermal labels are not compatible with DYMO printers. For DYMO-compatible CryoSTUCK labels, see here.

No, direct thermal CryoSTUCK labels do not require a ribbon or any other ink source to print.

No, an overlap is not required for the proper adhesion of these cryogenic labels on ambient or frozen, curved and flat surfaces.

Yes, CryoSTUCK labels have been specially designed for identifying already frozen surfaces. They can be affixed at a minimum temperature of -80°C/-112°F, eliminating the need to thaw valuable samples.

To ensure proper application of these labels, wipe the surface with a clean lint-free disposable wipe (e.g: KimWipe™) prior to affixing the label to remove excess frost. Apply the edge of the label first and press firmly to anchor it, while avoiding excessive contact with the adhesive. Then press the label securely into position along the vials’ entire circumference.

Yes, CryoSTUCK labels can be used to label samples prior to storing them in low-temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks for prolonged periods.

No, the vials can be stored in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) or ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F) immediately following label application, requiring no cure time.

No, direct thermal CryoSTUCK labels are not designed to be applied over an existing label. To cover-up existing labels, our blackout CryoSTUCK labels will conceal pre-existing information, while our clear CryoSTUCK labels can be applied over an existing label, acting as a laminate to reinforce it.

Yes, these labels also exhibit excellent resistance to direct exposure and immersion in harsh chemicals and solvents, such as alcohols, acetone, xylene, and disinfecting solutions.

No, these CryoSTUCK labels have a permanent adhesive that is not made for easy removal.

Please consult our handy sizing guide, where you will find recommendations for the most common vial/tube sizes

No, these labels are currently available only in white. For additional color options, contact our technical support team.

Yes, barcoding or label design software, such as BarTender and ZebraDesigner can be used to create templates that conform to your label’s size. You can then insert design elements within the template for easy printing.

Yes, direct thermal CryoSTUCK labels can be preprinted with graphics and logos, as well as variable or serialized information from a database. Learn more about our custom printing options.

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