Wrap-Around Cryo & Autoclave-Resistant Thermal-Transfer Labels – 1″ x 1.18″ + 1.69″ #CATT-321NOT

$213.60 usd

Please note that WTT-321 labels have been replaced by CATT-321 labels which have the same cryogenic and autoclave resistance, as well as the same printout quality properties.



Cryo-WrapTAG™- Wrap-Around Cryogenic & Autoclave-Resistant Thermal-Transfer Labels

Size: 1″ x 1.18″ + 1.69″ wrap / 25.4mm x 30mm + 42.9mm wrap
Label across: 3
Color: White, Yellow, Green Apple, Pink (+ Transparent)
Labels/roll: 3,000
Core diameter: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm
Perforation: Yes
Mark: Notch
Temperature range: -196ºC to +150ºC

Self-laminating autoclave resistant labels designed also for secure identification of samples in cryogenic storage. The wrap-around transparent part of the label securely laminates the printable part of the label and protects against exposure to chemicals and physical damage. Wrap-around labels can withstand temperatures up to 150°C.


  • Withstand long-term storage in cryogenic environments (-196°C)
  • Withstand sterilization by steam autoclaves, dry heat, and gamma irradiation
  • Lamination protects the labels against abrasion and chemical exposure, thermal transfer printable with all major barcode printers

Recommended Ribbons

Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbon: RR-CLASS


Shipping Weight

0.7 lbs

0.318 kg

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.13 × 3.69 × 3.69 in

54.1 x 93.7 x 93.7 mm

Core Size

1", 3"

25.4 mm, 76.2 mm

Qty / UOM



Green Apple, Pink, White, Yellow



25.4 mm



72.9 mm


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