Autoclave-Resistant Removable Tape with GatorCUT™ Technology (PATENTED) – 1″ x 100′ #TARG-25C3-100WH

SKU: TARG-25C3-100WH
Brand: GatorCUT™
Class: TARG

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Removable SteriTAPE™ – Autoclave-Resistant Removable Tape with GatorCUT™ Technology (Patented)


  • Glove-friendly adhesive; easily removable without leaving behind any adhesive residue
  • GatorCUT technology and liner-free; conveniently portable; no need for cutting instruments
  • Ideal for reusable containers and instruments that require frequent steam sterilization (stable for at least three cycles)
  • Tapes written with #SM1 markers are resistant to 70% Ethanol and standard sanitizing procedures

Removable, autoclave-resistant tape is ideal for identifying metal, plastic, and glass surfaces, including surgical instruments, glassware, trays, blister packs, sterilization bags and pouches, as well as reusable containers intended for use in steam autoclaves such as Genesis®, OneTray®, SteriTite®, and others. The liner-free design with our unique GatorCUT™ technology make it easy to hand-tear this sterilization tape to the desired length without the need for scissors, dispensers, or other cutting instruments. This durable autoclave tape will also withstand deep-freeze conditions, as low as -80°C, and will not leave any adhesive residue upon removal. Furthermore, it is writable with ordinary pens and our permanent markers, with our SCIENCE-Marker™ (#SM1) providing the best results when used with steam autoclaves. Ideal for use in research and animal facilities, hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, as well as medical and veterinary centers.


Width:   1″ (25.4 mm)

Length:   100'

Temperature Range:   -80°C to +150°C
(-112°F to 302°F)

Printing Methods:   Writable

Features:   GatorCUT Technology

Resistances:   Alcohol Wiping, Autoclave, Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   TARG

Color(s):   White


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, SteriTAPE with GatorCUT is writable, using ordinary pens and permanent markers.

We recommend our SCIENCE-Marker™; it is durable and provides water and alcohol-resistant writing that works well with removable SteriTAPE with GatorCUT.

Yes, removable SteriTAPE can withstand deep-freeze conditions, as low as -80°C (-112°F). In addition, they can be applied at a minimum application temperature of -20°C (-4°F).

Yes, this tape is equipped with our new GatorCUT technology, ensuring it can be effortlessly hand torn to the desired length.

GatorCUT technology is our unique innovation for tapes that allows them to be cut by hand, without the need for cutting tools, such as scissors or tape dispensers.

No, removable SteriTAPE is currently only available in white. Please contact our technical support team for color options.

Yes, this tape will adhere to various surfaces but can be easily removed without leaving behind any adhesive residue.

Yes, removable SteriTAPE is designed to withstand high heat conditions, up to temperatures of +150°C.

Yes, removable SteriTAPE is stable for at least three standard autoclave cycles (+121°C / +250°F, 16.5psi, 20 minutes).

Yes, when inscribed with our suggested SCIENCE-Marker, removable SteriTAPE is resistant to 70% ethanol.

No, removable SteriTAPE does not have a liner, allowing for easy, mess-free use.

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