Steam Sterilization Indicator Tape – 1″ x 180′ #STRAT-25WH

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Steam Sterilization Indicator Tape

Size: 1″ x 180′ / 25mm x 54m

Color: White

Steam sterilization indicator tape. Designed to identify containers that will undergo sterilization in steam autoclaves, this autoclave tape comes with nearly invisible  marking strips that will turn black when put through a sterilization cycle, used to confirm that the labeled material has been autoclaved. Accepts writing with permanent markers.


  • Withstands sterilization by steam autoclaves, and dry heat ovens
  • Color-changing indicator stripes indicate whether autoclave cycle has been completed
  • Continuous tape format allows you to use as much or little as necessary

Before and After Autoclave Tapes - GA International


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