Customized Label Solutions

At LabTAG, we understand that our partners have limited time to find a solution to their unique laboratory labeling and clinical printing needs.

In the highly-demanding academic, business and government niche markets that we service, tight-timelines and short turn-arounds are an everyday occurrence. LabTAG will exceed your laboratory label and clinical printing needs by manufacturing and providing the right product—when you want it, how you want it, and where you want it.

Our rapid response times and unmatched prices, combined with our progressive technology, allows LabTAG to quickly and efficiently respond to the changing needs of our partners. Our team of experts, including highly-skilled scientists, design and manufacture fully customizable laboratory labels, without size, shape, or color restrictions.

Unparalleled Label Selection

With industry-leading expertise, LabTAG specializes in custom label manufacturing for cryogenic (cryo) labels, autoclave labels, syringe labels, and chemical-resistant labels. Sample tracking is also possible with barcode and RFID labels.

We print sheet, roll or fanfold label formats using digital (laser and inkjet), flexographic, and thermal printing methods. Choose from a variety of coatings, die cuttings, lamination, and varnish; from double-sided printing, or printing on adhesives, piggyback, and holographic foil labels, our product selection and ability to custom manufacture is next to none. Want your own printing kit or cryo markers? LabTAG can provide those as well.

Laboratory Labels with Integrity

LabTAG’s laboratory labels uphold their integrity in any number of challenging environments. Choose from water, chemical, heat, frost and scratch-resistant materials. LabTAG will craft labels to suit your unique application.

Let’s Get Started

Whatever your laboratory labeling and clinical printing needs, LabTAG has the know-how, materials, selection, and flexibility to provide our partners with what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. Let’s get started today!