Unparalleled Precision and Timing

LabTAG offers a level of expertise unmatched in the industry with its team of highly-skilled scientists. Possessing post-doctorates in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology, and biochemistry, our specialists have a comprehensive understanding of laboratory label technologies and the critical need for trial label exactness and on-time delivery.

Be assured that LabTAG understands that your clinical trial teams have a tremendous responsibility to meet the demands of your sponsors, patients, doctors, and competitors. We welcome the challenge of helping our partners complete clinical trial studies as efficiently as possible.

Unsurpassed Technology

Equipped with cutting-edge design technology, LabTAG’s research team consults, designs, manufactures, and prints customized clinical trial labels of any dimension, shape, color, and configuration in sheet or roll formats. Choose from cryogenic (cryo), autoclave, syringe, wrap-around, piggyback, and chemical-resistant labels. Need sample tracking? Ask about our barcode and RFID labels.

Meeting Partners’ Needs

LabTAG’s solution-based processes, progressive technology, and specialized team of scientists ensure that we meet the demanding timelines and label exactness of our clinical trial laboratory label partners. Very simply, LabTAG will:

  • Accommodate laboratory label materials that are resistant to water, chemicals, heat, frost, and scratches
  • Customize coatings, die cutting, lamination, holographic foils, varnish, and sample tracking labels
  • Enable you to print on the front and back, as well as on adhesives or piggyback
  • Design label elements that encompass logos, barcodes, and graphic images based on individual design specifications
  • Meet delivery expectations
  • Comply with local language labeling requirements
  • Deliver to most locations worldwide

LabTAG has the demonstrated expertise and experience to fulfill any clinical trial laboratory label requirements—on time, with precision, and always hassle-free.