Customizing Business Labels

Since 1999, LabTAG has delivered solutions to its laboratory label clients. We understand that our partners have unique labeling needs that require individualized solutions. Our team of highly skilled scientists and technical experts will quickly and resourcefully provide laboratory label and printing solutions for today’s partners while anticipating the future evolution of the industry.

LabTAG will consult with your team to gain an in-depth understanding of your labeling and printing requirements. This allows our experts to recommend the most suitable solutions for your specific business needs.

Custom Laboratory Label Designs

Our team of experts design and manufacture fully customizable laboratory labels of any size, shape, color, or configuration, specializing in custom label manufacturing for cryogenic (cryo) labels, autoclave labels, syringe labels, and chemical-resistant labels. Sample tracking is also possible with barcode and RFID labels.

We offer pre-printed, partially pre-printed, or blank labels, as well as printing kits and cryo markers. In need of samples? We can provide those too.

Using digital (laser and inkjet), flexographic, and thermal printing methods, LabTAG can print sheet and double-sided labels in roll, fanfold, or piggyback formats, as well as on adhesives or holographic foil. LabTAG will also customize coatings, die cutting, lamination, and varnish.

View our entire selection of designs, materials, and specifications online or in our product catalogs.

Optimum Label Performance

Our partners want labels that deliver optimum performance and uphold their integrity in challenging environments—and that’s what LabTAG delivers. Whether it’s water, chemical, heat, frost, or scratch-resistant materials, LabTAG will craft labels to suit the application.

A Valued Business Partner

Access samples, custom labeling solutions, volume discounts, and more when you become a valued LabTAG business partner. Contact our team for more information.