Providing Laboratory Label Solutions

LabTAG has provided label solutions for local, national, and international academic partners for nearly two decades. This has led to our keen understanding of this industry’s unique label requirements, including pre-printed and sample tracking labels, easy-to-understand instructions, and flexible order, shipping, and delivery options.

We Understand the Academic Setting

LabTAG continually exceeds industry standards with our sophisticated support team of skilled specialists. Because many of our team members hold master’s degrees, doctorates, and post-doctorates in science, we have a true understanding of the academic setting, allowing LabTAG to promptly and creatively respond to the label and printing needs of our academic partners.

We follow a consultative process with all of our partners to fully understand their project requirements. We then apply our years of labeling experience to develop the most favorable label to suit their needs.

Ordering Made Easy

We appreciate that, for academic institutions, an easy and flexible ordering process is key. LabTAG provides purchasing and payment options (credit cards and purchase orders) through our e-commerce website, over the phone, and through our many partners and distributors.

Order what you want, when you want it, and how you want it.

Custom Label Designs

LabTAG’s fully customizable labels come in an array of sizes, shapes, colors, and configurations, are available fully or partially pre-printed or blank and are 1D or 2D barcode compatible for sample tracking.

We manufacture cryogenic (cryo) labels, autoclave labels, syringe labels, and chemical-resistant labels. Using digital (laser and inkjet), flexographic, and thermal printing methods, LabTAG prints sheet and double-sided labels in a  roll, fanfold, or piggyback formats, as well as on adhesives or holographic foil. We also customize coatings, die cutting, lamination, and varnish. LabTAG also offers printing kit solutions and cryo markers.

Optimum Label Performance

LabTAG recognizes the need for labels to optimally perform and uphold their integrity in extreme conditions. Whether the need is water, chemical, heat, frost or scratch-resistant materials, LabTAG will craft labels to suit your unique application. Choose from our wide selection of high-performance, computer-printable labels for all laboratory environments and applications.

Trust LabTAG to provide label and printing solutions that ease the discovery process, allowing you to continue advancing our scientific knowledge of the world.