Clinical Trial Labels

LabTAG® understands that your clinical trials team has a tremendous responsibility to meet the demands of your sponsors, patients, and doctors. With the drug development process being accelerated, and the number of clinical trials on the rise, the pressure for trials to succeed has never been higher. Increasing costs, new regulations, and mounting competition makes having the right clinical labeling in place even more of a priority. We have the demonstrated expertise and experience to fulfill any clinical trial label requirements—on time, with precision, and always hassle-free.

This includes a wide range of customization options, to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Custom Label Constructs

We can produce customized labels, using our high-quality materials, in any dimension, shape, color, and configuration requested.

Custom Printing

We can provide any of our vast catalog of labels pre-printed with your desired information, reducing handling time, as they can simply be peeled and applied.

Serialization & Database

We can also print your labels from a supplied database. This includes printing serialized information, variable data, and custom barcode serialization.

Full-Color Graphics

In addition to text, your labels can be provided pre-printed with full-colors graphics, images, as well as marked with company logos.

RFID Technology

We now have the ability to insert an RFID inlay into any of our durable label constructs. These labels can even be provided encoded and printed with your desired data.

Choose LabTAG® as your trusted clinical trial labeling partner to:

  • Print full-color logos and graphic images
  • Provide high-quality barcodes to track samples accurately and consistently
  • Print variable serialized data from databases
  • Provide labels that are resistant to water, chemicals, heat, low temperature, and scratches
  • Comply with local language labeling requirements
  • Meet delivery expectations to most locations worldwide
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of your data
  • Ensure the accuracy of all printed information

State of the Art Technology

Providing clinical labeling services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries requires a robust supply chain that is able to quickly adapt, and a company with a global presence, to deliver the labels where they’re needed. LabTAG® has complete in-house printing capabilities, and advanced inspection software, perfectly suited for on-demand manufacturing of labels for clinical trials, helping to reduce turn-around time.

LabTAG® is equipped with the latest printing technology, and consult, design, manufacture, and print customized clinical trial labels of any dimension, shape, color, and configuration. We can provide labels in sheet or roll formats, as well as booklet labels for clinical trials, providing important drug information to patients. Choose from cryogenic (cryo), autoclave, syringe, wrap-around, piggyback, blackout, and chemical resistant labels. Need sample tracking? Ask about our barcode and RFID labels.

Unmatched Expertise in Clinical Trial Labels

The ever-increasing complexity of clinical trials, coupled with the rise in costs has led to the need for clinical healthcare labels that are cost-effective, supplied by a company that is flexible in its manufacturing operations. LabTAG® offers a level of expertise unmatched in the industry with its team of highly skilled scientists. Possessing post-doctorates in molecular and cellular biology, pharmacology and toxicology, biochemistry, and medicine, our specialists have a comprehensive understanding of laboratory label technologies and the critical need for clinical trial labeling exactness and on-time delivery.

We understand that clinical trial label production necessitates greater care in order to meet the stringent regulatory requirements needed to preserve the integrity of critical drug trials. Our goal is to facilitate a fast trial launch, and provide support to ensure unexpected amendments are quickly processed, eliminating costly delays.

Label Formats

Die Cut
Butt Cut
Front & Back
Multi-part Label

Printing Method​

Laser (Digital)
Direct Thermal
Inkjet Rolls
Inkjet Sheets

Material Selection




Application Surface

Vial & Tubes
Glass Tubes
Blood bags
Metal Racks
Resin Embedding
Microscope Slides
Parafin Wax Blocks
Vitrification Devices
Plastic Container/Box

Data Format

Barcoding Software
1D, 2D, QR barcodes
Vector Formats

Make Your Project a Reality

Deciding which label is best for a particular clinical trial project isn’t always easy.
Tell us about your project and let our expert team help find the right solution for you.