Autoclave Labels

LabTAG provides high-temperature autoclave-resistant labels for the identification of materials that require sterilization. These durable labels have been tested and approved for use in gamma irradiators (up to 50 KGy), steam autoclaves (121°C/250°F and 17 psi), dry heat ovens (up to 150°C/302°F), and ethylene oxide gas chambers (759 mg/L at 55°C/131°F). These labels are manufactured with a high-performance adhesive that adheres to a number of different surfaces, making them perfect for identifying metal (stainless-steel and aluminum), glass (Pyrex), and plastic (polypropylene) containers, as well as Genesis™ sterilization containers. 

We offer sterilization labels for thermal-transfer, laser, and inkjet printers, with a range of additional features, including wrap-around, blackout, indicator strip, and piggyback options 

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Autoclave-Resistant Label Guide

Everything you need to know before choosing the right
sterilization labels

Autoclave Labels by Printing Method


Steri-ThermoTAG™ autoclave-resistant thermal-transfer labels are made from heat-resistant thermoplastic material and can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°C to +150°C as well as exposure to alcohols and detergents. Perfect for labeling materials with high-quality barcodes and serialized information.

These labels are provided with a permanent or removable adhesive with special features like a self-laminating flap, transparent or opaque material, and a practical sterilization indicator strip. We also provide thermal-transfer printable autoclave-resistant tape.


Steri-LazrTAG™ are waterproof and durable autoclavable laser labels that can be conveniently printed on using a desktop or office laser printers. A versatile option, these sterilization labels are available in letter and A4 formats, can be permanent or removable, and come with additional features like transparency, self-lamination, and wrap-around formatting. Ideal for identifying surgical instruments, stainless steel and aluminum surfaces, trays, glassware, double-blister packs, and more.


Steri-JetTAG™ are heat-resistant inkjet labels that come with a strong permanent adhesive that withstands spraying with ethanol, isopropanol, and other alcohols, and can resist continuous wiping and rubbing with surface sanitizing wipes.

Our autoclave inkjet printable labels are durable, weatherproof, waterproof, and have been tested to endure multiple autoclave cycles. Compatible with all common desktop inkjet printer brands, they can be printed with full-color text, graphics, and logos to be printed. We provide free Microsoft Word online templates for quick and easy formatting.

Autoclave Labels by Feature


Wrap-around laser and thermal-transfer autoclave labels are ideal for identifying small-diameter round containers as well as materials destined for sterilization or storage in ultra-low temperature conditions. These high-temperature and cryogenic-resistant labels can withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -196°C/-321°F up to +150°C/+302°F. These versatile self-laminating labels are protected by a transparent laminate that wraps around and covers the label, providing additional protection against abrasion, chemical exposure, and scratching.


Thermal-transfer printable, removable, autoclave-resistant piggyback labels are resistant to high temperatures and have a multi-layer design, providing a versatile identification solution for various containers and surfaces. Their piggyback design and ability to be printed with 1D and 2D barcodes make them the ideal choice for tracking materials, keeping document trails intact, and improving your overall level of organization. The smaller piggyback labels can be used to keep track of what material has been sterilized in your lab book or on additional paperwork.


The autoclavable cover-up labels permanently conceal previously printed information, including pre-existing labels printed with text and/or barcodes. Blackout Steri-ThermoTAGTM labels have a strong permanent adhesive that ensures the labels adhere strongly to both flat and curved surfaces and won’t wrinkle or peel even at the elevated temperatures.

Certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and Conformité Européene (CE), these block-out sterilization labels are ideal for containers marked with sensitive or confidential information that need to be autoclaved before disposal, including biohazard and radioactive material.


Autoclave-resistant RFID labels have a strong permanent adhesive and can withstand multiple autoclave sterilization cycles, perfect for identifying reusable sterilization containers and tracking sterilized consumables, devices, and packages. Combining printed visual information with encoded RFID data, these thermal-transfer labels are the ideal identification solution for improving the traceability of sterilized material, including for GMP and GLP operations. Designed to integrate with RFID sterilization management systems to control and monitor the sterilization process.

Autoclave Labels by Adhesive

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