Thermal-Transfer Smudge Proof Resin Ribbon on Plastic Core – 4.3″ x 244′ #RR110X74CP0.5-1iZ4

SKU: RR110X74CP0.5-1iZ4

$38.00 usd


Smudge Proof Resin Ribbon – Standard use

Size: 4.3″ x 244′ / 109mm x 74m

Type: Resin

Core: 0.5″ (Plastic Core)

Color: Black

Brand: Generic

Coated side: Out

For Zebra TLP-2844, TLP-3842, TLP-3844, GK420T, GX430T and similar printers.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can use this ink ribbon with  most our thermal-transfer labels including our NitroTAG® labels, though we recommend XAR-class ink ribbons for labels that require resistance to harsh chemicals and solvents like xylene.

RR-class ribbons are made of an all-resin formulation, which provides better resistance as compared to wax-based ink ribbons .

This ink ribbon confers resistance to temperature extremes, harsh chemicals and solvents, such as alcohols, and superior smudge resistance.

No, these ink ribbons do confer resistance to various chemical and solvents, however, for chemical-resistant applications like histology we recommend our XAR-class resin ink ribbons.

Typically, there is enough length of ink ribbon on a new roll to print several label rolls. To calculate exactly how much ink ribbon is required to print our label rolls, please contact our technical support team.

Please refer to the specifications provided with your printer to determine the core size suitable for your printer.

Yes, we can provide our RR-class ribbons on plastic cores if needed. For more information consult our technical support team.

Thermal-transfer ink ribbons can have the ink coated on either side. Coated-inside or coated-outside refers to the side of the ribbon that the ink sits on.

The quickest way to tell which side is coated is by unwinding the ribbon. One side will be shiny and one side has a more matte finish. The duller side is the side with the ink.

You can use the handy printer selection filters on the main ink ribbon product page to select the appropriate printer model and verify ribbon compatibility.

Typically, a take-up core is not included with resin ink ribbons. If you require an empty take-up core, see here.

We offer empty take-up cores of various sizes here.

Yes, RR-class ink ribbons are offered in white, black, red, and blue color options. For more color options consult our technical support team.

For information regarding what ink ribbon is compatible with your labels and/or printer, please consult our technical support team.