Laser & Inkjet Glossy Paper Labels – 4″ x 5.4375″ #LGP-68

Class: LGP

$44.30 usd


Laser & Inkjet Glossy Paper labels


  • Easy to customize – free word templates available
  • Permanent adhesive ensures labels won’t wrinkle or peel off
  • For use with all common brands of laser and inkjet desktop printers, won’t jam printers
  • Resistant to gamma irradiation (tested up to 50 KGy)

General use permanent paper labels for laser and inkjet desktop printers. The glossy finish labels will adhere to a variety of surfaces, including paper, glass, cardboard, and plastic. Ideal for office use on files, folders, shelves, drawers, boxes, and other containers. Provided in sheet format, the laser and inkjet printable labels will not jam printers and can be easily customized using our free online templates.
This product can be custom made in colors upon request. Please contact us.


Size:   4″ x 5.4375"
(101.6 mm x 138.1 mm)

Labels/Pack:   400

Sheets / Pack:   100

Labels / Sheet:   4

Rows:   2

Columns:   2

Sheet Size:   8.5″ x 11″

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Laser

Resistances:   Gamma Irradiation

Class:   LGP

Color(s):   White


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our LGP-class labels are designed to produce a high-quality printout with either a desktop laser printer, or inkjet printer.

We supply our LGP-class sheet labels in US letter size (8.5” x 11”). For more information, please consult our expert technical support team.

No, our paper labels are intended for general use applications, such as filing, and are not recommended for low-temperature environments. For cryogenic laser labels, we suggest our Cryo-LazrTAG™ labels.

No, these labels are not available in color. They can however be offered in color, for more information contact our technical support team.

No, these LGP-class labels are not removable. For removable general use labels for laser or inkjet printers, see here.

Yes, we offer our laser and inkjet printable paper labels with a matte finish. For our matte paper labels, click here.

Please consult our handy sizing guide where you will find recommendations for the most common vial/tube sizes.

See our label templates page to find your appropriate format and download the MS Word template associated with your labels.

Yes, LGP-class labels are designed for on-demand printing, they allow only a few labels to be printed, while saving the rest for later. These laser labels can withstand multiple passes in desktop laser printers, and will not peel-off or jam the printer.

Press the print button, then click “properties” next to your printer’s name. Ensure Media/Paper type is set to “label”. If label is not an option, select “thick paper”. For more help with printer troubleshooting see our more detailed FAQ.

No, special toner or ink is not required for printing these labels. These labels can be printed using standard laser printer toner or inkjet cartridges, compatible with your printer of choice.

Yes, these labels can be inscribed using permanent ink markers. We recommend our Science-MarkerTM, which are also alcohol and water-resistant.

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