Deep-Freeze Labels for Inkjet Printers (A4 Size) – 0.945″ x 0.512″ #A4FIJSA-12WH

Class: A4FIJSA

€81.60 eur


Inkjet Labels for Deep-Freeze Storage


  • Resist ultra-low temperature storage (-80°C, -40°C, -20°C)
  • Print eye-catching color logos, graphics, images, and data
  • Resist spraying with ethanol and cleaning using surface sanitizing wipes
  • Require zero cure time, can be stored in deep-freeze conditions immediately after application

Print eye-catching color logos, graphics, images, and data on our versatile inkjet-printable labels. These freezer-grade labels are designed to identify vials, tubes, plastic bags, freezer boxes, plates, and other containers. Ideal for storage in laboratory freezers (as low as -80°C/-112°F), as well as dry ice transportation, and can withstand exposure to alcohol, xylene, acetone, and other harsh chemicals (spray and incidental contact). Supplied in sheet format to be printed with all standard desktop inkjet printers or written on with ballpoint pens, cryogenic markers, and ink stamped without smudging.


Size:   0.945″ x 0.512″
(24 mm x 13 mm)

Sheets / Pack:   16

Labels / Sheet:   160

Sheet Size:   A4

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Inkjet Sheet

Class:   A4FIJSA


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, FIJSA-class labels cannot be printed using a laser printer, as this will cause the printer to jam and may have other unintentional consequences. For laser printable deep-freeze labels, see here.

Yes, inkjet HP PageWide printers can print our FIJSA-class labels. These printers, designed to print across the entire page in a single pass, print faster and more reliably than traditional printers.

No, special ink is not required for printing FIJSA-class labels. These labels can be printed using standard inkjet cartridges, compatible with your printer of choice.

Yes, we offer our deep-freeze inkjet labels in roll format. Deep-freeze inkjet roll labels are printable using inkjet roll format printers.

No, FIJSA-class labels will withstand deep-freeze conditions (-80°C) but are not recommended for cryogenic environments. For cryogenic labels, we suggest our Cryo-LazrTAG™ labels, which also come in sheet format, but for printing with laser printers.

Yes, FIJSA-class labels are intended for use in deep-freeze environments and can be used in (-80°C, -40°C, -20°C) freezers and lab refrigerators (+4°C).

For office work and labeling file folders, we suggest our laser and inkjet printable paper labels.