Cryogenic Labels for Inkjet Printers – 0.94″ × 0.5″ #CIJS-12WH

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Class: CIJS

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Cryo-JetTAG™ – Cryogenic Labels for Inkjet Printers

Cryo-JetTAG™ inkjet printable cryogenic labels are ideal for identifying cryo vials, tubes, plastic bags, as well as cardboard and polycarbonate freezer boxes destinated for cryo storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) and lab freezers (-80°C/-112°F) with eye-catching color logos, graphics, images, and data. Moreover, these durable labels also resist dry heat and standard steam autoclave sterilization cycles, perfect for a variety of uses in scientific laboratories.

The obtained printout offers an impressive resistance to harsh chemicals, such as alcohol, acetone, and xylene, as well as to wiping and rubbing with alcohol sanitizing wipes.

Sheet format Cryo-JetTAG labels can be printed with most standard desktop inkjet printers; They can also be written on with ballpoint pens, cryogenic markers, and ink stamped without smudging.


  • Resist extreme cryogenic and deep-freeze temperatures (-196°C in a liquid phase and vapor phase Liquid Nitrogen and -80°C)
  • Print eye-catching color logos, graphics, images, and data
  • Resist wiping with ethanol and surface sanitizing wipes
  • Require zero cure time, can be immersed in liquid nitrogen directly following application)


Size:   0.94” x 0.5''
(23.9 mm x 12.7 mm)

Labels/Pack:   2688

Sheets / Pack:   16

Labels / Sheet:   168

Sheet Size:   US Letter

Perforated:   No

Temperature Range:   -196°C to +121°C
(-320.8°F to 249.8°F)

Adhesive:   Permanent

Printing Methods:   Inkjet, Inkjet Sheet

Resistances:   Alcohol Wiping, Cryogenic (-196°C), Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   CIJS

Brand:   Cryo-JetTAG™

Color(s):   White


Patrick McConville
5 out of 5
California, United States us
Great tags for cryo/Sample vials
5 out of 5
United States us
Great product

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryo-JetTAG labels in sheet format can be printed with most common desktop inkjet printers.

Yes, we offer our cryogenic inkjet labels in roll format. Cryogenic inkjet roll labels are printable using inkjet roll format printers.

Yes, these printers, designed to print across the entire page in a single pass, print faster and more reliably than traditional inkjet printers.

No, Cryo-JetTAG labels cannot be printed using a laser printer, as this will cause the printer to jam and may have other unintentional consequences. For laser printable cryogenic labels, see here.

No, special ink is not required for printing Cryo-JetTAG labels. These labels can be printed using standard inkjet cartridges, compatible with your printer of choice.

No, the minimum application temperature for Cryo-JetTAG labels is -20°C. For labeling already frozen vials and tubes at -80C, we recommend CryoSTUCK® labels, our line of cryogenic labels specially designed for that purpose.

No, the vials can be stored in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) or ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F) immediately following label application, requiring no cure time.

Yes, Cryo-JetTAG labels are resistant to standard autoclave cycles (+121°C/+249°F, 16psi, 20 minutes).

No, Cryo-JetTAG labels have a permanent adhesive that is not made for easy removal.

Yes, Cryo-JetTAG labels can be inscribed using ballpoint pens and permanent cryogenic markers.

Please consult our handy sizing guide, where you will find recommendations for the most common vial/tube sizes.

No, these labels are currently available only in white. For additional color options, contact our technical support team.

We provide free online MS Word templates. See our label templates page to find the appropriate format and download the template associated with your labels.

Yes, inkjet Cryo-JetTAG labels can be preprinted with graphics and logos, as well as variable or serialized information from a database. Learn more about our custom printing options.

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