Cryo-Laminate™- Cryogenic Lamination Tape – 0.75″ x 200′ #TCA-19

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Class: TCA

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Cryo-Laminate™ – Cryogenic Lamination Tape

Our clear Cryo-Laminate™ tape provides excellent adhesion and can be used to protect existing labels or other printed information on various surfaces, including cardboard, plastic, and metal, from a wide range of temperatures from -196°C up to +121°C. This permanent lamination tape is ideal for identifying containers destined for long-term storage in liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F), ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F), and dry ice transportation. Cryo-Laminate tape can also withstand standard autoclave conditions (+121°C/+249°F, 16psi, 20 minutes) as well as incubation in heated water baths. It protects printed data by safeguarding the existing label from cryo conditions while shielding it from abrasion and scratching. Cryo-Laminate tapes can be applied directly over frozen cryo vials, as well as plastic and cardboard freezer boxes. Moreover, Cryo-Laminate tapes are hand writable using our permanent cryo markers.


  • Ideal for protecting existing labels
  • Suitable for long-term storage in most cryogenic conditions
  • Resistant to at least five freeze-thaw cycles
  • Can be affixed to already frozen surfaces


Width:   0.75” (19.1 mm)

Length:   200'

Perforated:   No

Temperature Range:   -196°C to +121°C
(-320.8°F to 249.8°F)

Min. Application Temperature:   -80°C

Adhesive:   Permanent

Features:   Transparent

Resistances:   Cryogenic (-196°C), Deep-Freeze (-80°C)

Class:   TCA

Brand:   Cryo-Laminate™


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this cryogenic tape is designed to cover and protect printed and/or handwritten labels/tapes that may not be fully resistant to cryogenic and deep-freeze conditions. It is writable using a quality permanent marker like our SM-1 cryo markers.

Yes, this cryogenic laminating tape can be applied on already frozen surfaces. It can be affixed at a minimum temperature of -80°C/-112°F; however, for labeling already frozen containers, we recommend our clear CryoSTUCK® tape, a line of transparent cryogenic tape specially designed for that purpose.

To ensure proper application of this tape, wipe the surface with a clean lint-free disposable wipe (e.g: KimWipe™) prior to affixing the tape to remove excess frost. Apply the edge of the tape first and press firmly to anchor it, while avoiding excessive contact with the adhesive. Then press the tape securely into position along the vials’ entire circumference.

Yes, Cryo-Laminate can be applied over an existing label without concealing its printed information. This durable tape can thus add an extra layer of protection to your label.

No, the containers can be stored in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) or ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F) immediately following lamination, requiring no cure time.

Yes, Cryo-Laminate tapes are resistant to standard autoclave cycles. Therefore, they are suitable for containers destinated for both deep-freeze storage and steam autoclave sterilization.

Yes, this tape can withstand heated water bath immersion (up to +56°C/+132°F) for at least 30 minutes.

Yes, Cryo-Laminate tape is stable for at least five freeze-thaw cycles (freezing in liquid nitrogen and thawing at room temperature).

No, this cryogenic tape has a permanent adhesive that is not made for easy removal.

No, Cryo-Laminate tape is provided in a clear format and doesn’t come in various colors. For color freezer tapes, including translucent color tapes, see here.

Yes, Cryo-Laminate tape is available in 0.75″ (19 mm), 1″ (25 mm), and 2″ (50 mm) widths.

Yes, we have a selection of tape dispensers that accommodate tapes of various widths.

No, Cryo-Laminate tape is made from an ultra-thin but durable film that should not significantly widen the diameter of tubes or vials.

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