GA INTERNATIONAL INC’s reputation and credibility depend on its commitment to ethical practices and behavior in all its activities. Thus, maintaining a healthy work culture is an essential condition directly related to the right to work as part of the GA International Inc. team.


This policy applies to all employees and contractors of GA International Inc.


Code of Ethics

A text setting out the moral or civic values and principles to which an organization adheres and which serve as a guide to an individual or group to help them judge the appropriateness of their behaviour.


This code is intended to illustrate GA International Inc’s expectations for the conduct of all employees in its internal and external relationships.


The conduct required of all is:

  1. Demonstrate honesty, integrity and openness with customers, employees and other parties with whom GA International Inc has a business relationship;
  2. Treat other parties with fairness, dignity and respect in order to create and maintain a climate of trust free from harassment and discrimination;
  3. Strive for excellence and adopt a professional attitude, taking pride in one’s work, both individually and as a team member.

You will never be asked to commit an act contrary to the code of ethics in order to achieve your performance objectives and you are responsible for reporting any act contrary to the code of ethics. Be assured of management’s support in this regard. As a staff member, you must:

  1. Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of a safe, fair and respectful workplace free of discrimination and harassment.
  2. Avoid conflicts of interest (e.g., bribery, gifts, insider trading) that could or would appear to call into question your judgment or objectivity in the performance of your duties. If you are involved in politics, ensure that your activities are clearly personal and cannot be construed as representing the views of GA International Inc.
  3. Protect all assets (physical, information and intellectual property) of GA International Inc. used in the course of your duties and take reasonable and necessary steps to prevent such assets from being stolen, misused or damaged.
  4. Maintain the confidentiality of GA International Inc.’s proprietary administrative, technical, business or financial information.
  5. Know and follow health, safety and sustainability principles and practices.
  6. Remain in compliance with competition laws including but not limited to:
    • Abuse of dominant position
    • Conspiracy
    • Misleading advertising
    • False certifications
    • Fraud
    • Misleading warranty

This code of ethics must be respected and any breach will oblige management to take disciplinary action.