Deep-Freeze Labels

LabTAG® offers deep-freeze labels that withstand short and long-term storage in ultra-low temperature laboratory freezers (-80°C/-112°F, -20°C/-4°F) and transportation on dry ice. Perfectly suited for labeling small diameter microtubes, 2 ml vials, plastic and cardboard freezer boxes, as well as blood bags, microplates, PCR tubes and strips. These freezer labels are designed to adhere to wet and damp surfaces and can resist multiple freeze-thaw cycles. Our durable freezer-grade labels are provided in rolls, or sheets, in a range of configurations, and in an assortment of colors for easy identification and color coding.

Deep-Freeze Labels by Container

Cryo Tubes, Vials, & Boxes

Deep-freeze labels are ideal for cryo vials, microtubes, vial caps, as well as polypropylene and cardboard freezer boxes for thermal-transfer and laser printers. Our freezer-grade labels are waterproof and tearproof, available in multiple configurations and colors, including roll and sheet formats, assorted color packs, and small diameter writable color dots. Coated with either a permanent or removable adhesive, these freezer-safe labels withstand extended storage in low-temperature freezers (-80°C, -20°C), transport on dry ice, as well as multiple freeze-thaw cycles.


Removable deep-freeze labels are perfect for use with 96-well and 384-well, skirted and semi-skirted, microtiter plates. Our microplate labels are safe for use in PCR thermocyclers and sequencing instruments as well as for storage in low-temperature laboratory freezers (-80°C, -20°C) and lab refrigerators (4°C/39°F). Compatible will all common thermal-transfer printers and supplied on 1” and 3” cores, these glove-friendly plate labels are perfect for labeling PCR plates with clear, concise text as well as barcodes for added traceability.


Permanent deep-freeze labels are well-suited for labeling high-profile 8-well PCR tube strips and 0.2 ml PCR tubes. Our PCR strip labels are designed with vertical perforations along the tag, which allow each individual tube to be labeled accurately. These labels are safe for use in thermocyclers and subsequent storage in lab freezers.  We also offer rectangle and dot labels for 0.2 ml PCR tubes that can be inscribed with permanent markers or printed in laser printers. The PCR labels withstand deep-freeze conditions, use in thermocyclers, and multiple freeze-thaw cycles without fading, detaching, or wrinkling.

Blood Bag

Our secondary blood bag labels are designed to be applied over the existing primary label.  These durable deep-freeze labels withstand a wide temperature range (-80°C/-112°F to +110°C/+230°F), making them suitable for storage in fridges, freezers, and on dry ice. These labels are primarily used for the identification and storage of whole blood, resuspensions, and components, such as red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Secondary blackout labels are also available for application over secondary and primary labels, completely obscuring the existing label to block out the information underneath.

Deep-Freeze Labels by Printing Method


Deep-freeze thermal-transfer barcode labels are ideal for small diameter Eppendorf microcentrifuge tubes, cryo vials, Falcon tubes, cardboard and polypropylene freezer boxes, polystyrene cell culture plates, and plastic bags stored in ultra-low temperature lab freezers (-80°C, -20°C) and transported on dry ice. Our durable, waterproof freezer-grade labels adhere to wet and damp surfaces and withstand spraying with alcohols, swabbing with sanitizing wipes, as well as sterilization by gamma irradiation (up to 50 KGy). Available with a permanent or removable adhesive.


Laser printable dot and rectangle plus circle labels are compatible with deep-freeze use. Designed to withstand long-term storage in freezers (-80°C) and dry ice, our freezer-safe laser labels are intended for identifying cryo vial and microtube tops as well as blood collection tubes, freezer boxes, and various other freezer containers. Waterproof, weatherproof and wear-and-tear proof, these labels are stable at high temperatures up to +120°C and are available in assorted colors for easy color coding.


Writable freezer-grade labels for conical bottom microtube sides and tops. Specifically designed to comfortably fit small diameter vials and Eppendorf tubes, our waterproof deep-freeze color labels are supplied in roll and sheet format, in 15 individual colors, as well as packs of 15 assorted colors for easy color coding. These labels can be inscribed with our permanent ink cryo markers and withstand long-term storage in laboratory freezers.


DYMO-compatible deep-freeze labels are a versatile option in the lab, suitable for identifying vials, tubes, and boxes for long-term storage in freezers, cold rooms, and transported on dry ice, as well as flasks and plates placed in incubators. Offered in a transparent format, these direct thermal labels will not obscure the contents of your containers, ensuring they remain visible at all times. They have a permanent adhesive to ensure they remain firmly affixed to various surfaces and resist spraying with alcohol and disinfecting agents.

Deep-Freeze Labels by Feature


Our thermal-transfer radio frequency identification (RFID) labels have a deep-freeze adhesive and a flexible UHF inlay for a secure adhesion to curved vials and tubes even at low temperatures. These passive RFID labels can be read/scanned in a 360° area without the need for direct line of sight, which allows the freezer labels to be scanned without removing them from storage. Durable and waterproof, our deep-freeze RFID labels also resist spraying with ethanol, isopropanol, and other chemicals.


Our permanent deep-freeze blackout labels are designed to obscure any pre-existing label along with its associated information. Ideal for re-labeling cryo vials, microtubes, and freezer boxes for subsequent storage in ultra-low temperature freezers (-80°C, -20°C) or transportation on dry ice. These versatile cover-up labels can also withstand a wide temperature range (as high as 120°C), making them suitable for high-temperature applications. Compatible with all common thermal-transfer printers, they can be printed on with serialized information and/or high-quality barcodes.

Deep-Freeze Labels by Shape

Deep-Freeze Labels by Adhesive

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