MetaliTAG™ Cryogenic Labels for Metal Racks

  • Temperature range from -196ºC to +100ºC
  • FDA Compliance: FDA 21 CFR 175.105 for indirect food contact.

Cryogenic thermal transfer labels for the identification of metal racks, aluminum cassettes, X-ray film cassettes, film cans, aluminum vials, aluminum and stainless steel boxes, sleeves, and canes for cryogenic straws, tools, equipment, and other metal objects. They are also ideal for labeling Polycarbonate cryoboxes. Intended for long-term storage in liquid phase and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196ºC), liquid helium Dewars (-269ºC), laboratory freezers (-120ºC, -80ºC, -40ºC and -20ºC), dry ice, freezer chambers, and other harsh cryo environments.

These AWA-Class thermoplastic labels are coated with a glove-friendly cryogenic adhesive and remain strongly attached to various metal surfaces including aluminum, stainless steel, powder coated metal, painted metal, iron and more. They can be applied on the top and sides of racks to easily identify them and their content prior to storage in liquid Nitrogen Dewars and ultra-low temperature freezers.

See How They Work

Our MetaliTAG™ are available in multiple dimensions and colors, and are supplied in roll formats (on 1” and 3” cores) compatible with all major brands of thermal transfer barcode printers such as Zebra, CAB, Datamax O’Neil, SATO, Printronix, Citizen, Toshiba Tech, TSC, Intermec, Cognitive, Monarch, Brady (some models) and others. They also accept writing with permanent markers such as our cryomarkers.

The labels are resistant to standard ethylene oxide gas sterilization, consisting of a 60-minute exposure to 759mg/L of ethylene oxide gas, at 55oC, and 40-80% relative humidity, followed by a two-hour aeration cycle. Resistant to continuous wiping and rubbing with surface sanitizing wipes such as Sani- Wipe™, Eco-Wipe™ and Eco-Wipe™ Duo.

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