Transparent Cryo Tape for Frozen Containers – 1.5″ / 38.1mm Wide#TAQ-38

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Clear CryoSTUCK®️ Tape – Transparent Cryogenic Tape for Frozen Surfaces

1″ Core Size: 1.5″ x 50′ / 38.1mm x 15m

3″ Core Size: 1.5″ x 100′ / 38.1mm x 30m

Available Colors: Transparent

Core: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm

Adhesive: Permanent

Minimum Application Temperature: -80°C / -112°F

Temperature range: From -196°C to +150°C

Transparent CryoSTUCK® tape comes in a roll format for the identification of already frozen plastic containers. The tapes are designed for long-term cryo-preservation in vapor phase liquid nitrogen, ultra-low temperature freezers and dry ice (-80°C). Our transparent CryoSTUCK® TAQ-class tapes are waterproof and suitable for immersion in a water bath. This tape can be conveniently inscribed with our permanent cryogenic markers.


  • The tape can adhere to already frozen containers and boxes, ideal for long-term storage in cryogenic (-196°C) and deep-freeze (-80°C) conditions
  • Strong adhesion to surface even in water baths thawing
  • Can easily be inscribed with our permanent cryo markers


Shipping Weight

0.95 lbs

0.431 kg

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.25 × 2.25 × 1.65 in

57.2 x 57.2 x 41.9 mm

Core Size

1", 3"

25.4 mm, 76.2 mm


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Frequently Asked Questions

No, CryoSTUCK tape is writable using cryo markers, and can not be printed. For printable cryogenic labels for already frozen surfaces, we suggest CryoSTUCK®.

Yes, CryoSTUCK tape can withstand temperatures as low as -196°C, and is well suited to long-term storage in low-temperature freezers, and liquid nitrogen tanks.

Yes, our CryoSTUCK tape has a minimum application temperature of -80°C, perfect for identifying already frozen tubes, and containers, without prior thawing.

No, CryoSTUCK tape is not intended for metal surfaces. For a cryogenic tape that will adhere to metal and steel, we suggest our MetaliTAPETM.

No, our TAQ-class is provided in clear format, and doesn’t come in various colors. For CryoSTUCK tape in a variety of colors we offer our TFS-class.

Yes, our TEQ-class of CryoSTUCK tape will destruct upon any attempt to remove it, following application.

No, CryoSTUCK tape is coated with a permanent adhesive, that is not made for easy removal.

Yes, our CryoSTUCK tape is supplied on a liner, designed for residue-free removal, and easy peeling.

No, CryoSTUCK tape is not intended to be cut by hand. We suggest using a tape dispenser or scissors to cut the required length of tape.

Yes, we have a selection of tape dispensers, that accommodate tapes of various widths, have a built in liner remover, as well as multiple tapes at once.

Yes, our tape for frozen containers are available in other widths.

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