GHS (FORMER 2015 WHMIS / SIMDUT) Warning Labels – 4″ x 3.5″ #L-010-0.5R

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Class: L

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GHS (Former 2015 WHMIS/SIMDUT) – Warning Labels for General Laboratory Use

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is an international system created to classify and label chemicals and other hazards. Comprising of hazard pictograms that identify common risk groups and informational text, GHS labels help warn staff and personnel of potential dangers. These multi-purpose warning labels are ideal for laboratories and other workplace environments where chemicals and other hazards are used and stored. Supplemental information can be inscribed using permanent markers or printed with industrial thermal-transfer printers (Labels are provided on a 3”/76 mm core). These Bilingual GHS labels are inscribed in both, English and French, can be customized to your exact specifications upon request, and help you meet compliance requirements.


Size:   4″ x 3.5"
(101.6 mm x 88.9 mm)

Labels/Roll:   500

Perforated:   No

Adhesive:   Removable

Class:   L


5 out of 5
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