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ParafiTAG™ - Xylene Resistant Labels for Paraffin

Labels for Paraffin Wax Blocks

ParafiTAG™ labels are thermal transfer synthetic labels that adhere to paraffin wax blocks and other hard to label surfaces, including Teflon, PFA, parchment paper and more. Coated with an extra-permanent, strong adhesive, these labels are waterproof and resistant to chemical exposure, ideal for the identification of paraffin wax embedded cassettes used in histology applications. When printed with our XAR class of solvent-resistant ribbons, a robust chemical resistant printout is obtained, capable of withstanding xylene, toluene, ethanol and other alcohols, MEK, synthetic oils, as well as other chemicals and solvents. These chemical resistant labels can resist immersion in xylene, 70% ethanol, 100% isopropanol and acetone for up to 15 minutes.

The unique strong adhesive also makes the labels suitable for use beyond the histology lab. Their ability to adhere to low-surface energy plastics, metal, rough surfaces as well as chemical, oil and grease covered surfaces makes them ideal for use in industrial environments. Able to stand up to dirty work spaces, near heavy machinery, in a mechanics garage and other areas, these labels are especially useful in hard to clean places.

ParafiTAG™ labels are compatible will all major brands of thermal transfer printers, and accept sequential numbering, readable text and 1D and 2D barcodes. Available on 1" or 3" cores.

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