Printable Tags for PCR Tubes, Strips, and Plates

PCR-TagTrax™ offers an innovative and helpful approach to identifying, tracking and storing 0.2 ml high-profile PCR tubes, high-profile 8-tube PCR strips, as well as 96-well high-profile PCR plates (non-skirted). Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -196ºC to +150ºC, makes them safe for use in thermocyclers, and long-term storage in lab freezers. Thermal-transfer printable (using our smudge-proof RR class of resin ribbons) they provide a means to identify PCR tubes and strips with alphanumeric text, as well as 1D and/or 2D barcodes. For use in biomedical research labs, genetic analysis facilities (genotyping, sequencing, cloning), genealogy and family records service companies, microbial sequencing service companies, as well as forensic laboratories.

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Tag, Amplify, Track and Store!

  • Versatile design allows tubes, strips, and plates to be tagged in a variety of configurations and styles.
  • Identify PCR samples with more information than cap dots and tube side rectangular labels combined.
  • Quick, bird’s eye view of all printed information upon opening the thermocycler lid.
  • Able to withstand a wide range of temperatures, from -196ºC to +150ºC.
  • Thermal-transfer printable, allows them to be printed with barcodes for easy tracking.
  • Available in a variety of individual colors or multicolor for easy and convenient color coding.
  • Perforation line serves the tag to serve as a stand for storage in laboratory refrigerators and freezers.
  • PCR-TagTrax™ is also available in 3-hole and 8-hole configurations.