Self-Laminating Calibration Labels – 3.5″ x 2″ – BUFFER – #CALA-003-0.25R

SKU: CALA-003-0.25R
Brand: CalTAG™

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Please note that #CAL-003 labels have been replaced by #CALA-003 labels which have the same adhesion, lamination and writing quality properties.


CalTAG™ – Self-Laminating Calibration Labels With “BUFFER” Title

Self-laminating, writable, calibration labels designed for equipment that is calibrated or inspected regularly. The labels can be inscribed using permanent ink markers. The clear laminate is applied over the label protecting the written information. CalTAG™ labels can withstand a wide range of temperatures (-80°C to +72°C /-112°F to +161°F), abrasion and exposure to harsh chemicals, such as ethanol, acetone, isopropanol, thinners, detergents and surface sanitizing wipes.

The self-laminating calibration labels are ideal for labeling regularly inspected medical equipment, equipment that has undergone preventative maintenance, that require calibration prior to use, or that are out of order and must not be used. Reagent calibration labels are also available for time-sensitive solutions prepared in the lab. Calibration labels customization is also available to include the company’s logos and information.


  • Can withstand extreme temperatures, including cryogenic and high heat conditions
  • Resist abrasion and exposure to harsh chemicals, and alcohols
  • Ideal for use with equipment that will undergo preventative maintenance, calibration or re-certification
  • Once laminated the information is protected and cannot be altered



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Frequently Asked Questions

No, CalTAG™ self-laminating labels are writable.

Yes, we also provide self-laminating labels as a printable version, under our Print-N-Shield™ brand.

No, CalTAG labels will withstand deep-freeze conditions (-80°C), but are not recommended for cryogenic environments. For cryogenic thermal-transfer labels, we suggest our NitroTAG® labels.

No, CalTAG labels withstand temperatures as high as +72°C. For laminated labels that will also withstand sterilization protocols, see here.

Yes, after the clear lamination I applied, these labels can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals, such as acetone, alcohols, and industrial thinners.

Yes, the lamination provides protection against heavy-use, including scratches and abrasion.

Yes, CalTAG labels are coated with a glove-friendly adhesive, made for easy removal, and will not leave behind any trace of the label or adhesive on the surface. For permanent self-laminating labels we suggest our SLTP-class labels.

Yes, we offer our self-laminating calibration labels in a variety of colors, including with different color text. For additional color options, contact our technical support team.

No, CalTAG is not available in a blank version. For blank self-laminating labels, we recommend Print-N-ShieldTM.

Yes, we can provide our CalTAG labels preprinted with full-color graphics and logos, as well as unique text, to meet your exact specifications. Learn more about our custom printing options.