Tamper-Evident Cryogenic Labels For Vials – 0.75″ x 1.8125″#TELA-1NP


$71.00 usd

Class: TELA


Core Size

1", 3"

25.4 mm, 76.2 mm

Qty / UOM

1000, 3000

Special Features

Tamper Evident Labels



Brand Name

Cryo C-KurTAG™


Cryoboxes, Tubes & Vials

Printer Compatibility

Desktop Thermal Printer, Industrial Thermal Printer

Printing Method




19.1 mm



46 mm

Labels Across


Product Uom


Label Uom




Core Type


Shipping Weight

1.05 lbs

0.476 kg

Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)

8.26 × 0.98 × 8.26 in

209.8 x 24.9 x 209.8 mm


Cryo C-KurTAG™ – Tamper-Evident Cryogenic Labels

Size: 0.75″ x 1.8125″ / 19.1mm x 46mm

Labels across: 1

Colors available: White

Labels/roll: 1,000 (1″ core) or 3,000 (3″ core)

Core: 1″ or 3″ / 25mm or 76mm

Perforation: No

Temperature range: From -196°C to +110°C

Recommended Ribbons:  RR-Class Smudge and Alcohol Proof Resin Ribbons

Thermoplastic, waterproof cryogenic labels that will tear upon any attempt to remove them. Ideal for cryogenic vials, cryo boxes and other containers that require tamper-evidence when stored in liquid nitrogen, dry ice, and freezers. Advanced and practical design adds rigidity and strength to reduce accidental seal ruptures, yet destructs easily upon removal. Printable with thermal-transfer barcode printers.


  • The tamper-evident seal ensures any attempt to open the container will be noticed.
  • Able to withstand immersion in liquid nitrogen and deep-freeze storage conditions.
  • Printable with all major thermal-transfer printers.


Frequently asked questions

Yes, Cryo C-KurTAG are thermal-transfer transfer labels that require a ribbon to be printed with a thermal printer. To achieve a smudge-proof printout, we recommend a RR-class ribbon that matches your label dimensions and core requirements of your printer.

No, Cryo C-KurTAG labels are best applied at room temperature. If you need a tamper-evident solution for already frozen surfaces, we recommend our tamper-evident tape for frozen containers.

Please consult our handy sizing guide where you will find recommendations for the most common vial/tube sizes.

No, Cryo C-KurTAG labels cannot be removed once applied. Any attempt to remove these cryogenic labels will cause them to tear, or destruct, indicating that the container has been tampered with. For more information consult our experienced support team.

We as well as many others used the terms tamper-evident and tamperproof interchangeably, to refer to labels that will tear, or leave a distinct sign when removed, to indicate tampering. Destructible labels will however, completely destruct upon any attempt to remove them.

Label design and barcoding software can be used to create templates that conform to the size of your label. You can then insert design elements within the template, for easy printing.

Yes, we can provide our Cryo C-KurTAG labels preprinted with full-color graphics, logos, as well as variable data, and custom produced to your specific requirements. Learn more about our custom printing options.

Yes, we offer both tamper-evident and destructible cryogenic tape. Our tamper-evident tape is also available in a variety of colors, for color coding.


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